Server-wide vs account-wide event? SOLVED!


I have two rosters on different servers on EUC, but same account. My main roster, on Lazenith, is the one where I used express event for my support Pally. However, that roster already has 6 characters and none of them eligible for Powerpass.

So I hoped I could use the Powerpass on the 2nd roster on Neria, but unfortunately, I’m not able to, which points to the fact that the event is only server-wide, instead of account-wide.

To me, it sounds like it would be better to make it account-wide, just like Crystalline Aura is. After all, at least in theory, it would help distribute activity of players more evenly across servers.

I don’t know why it isn’t so, but I’m letting you guys know that, if it’s not a deliberate design from your end, it would be much appreciated if it could be made account-wide.

Thanks in advance for your consideration :slight_smile:

**In case anyone cares about this issue I’ve had, it is now solved! **

No post from a moderator, no patch, no patch notes, but one day after posting this, I now got the Story express pop-up in game on 2nd roster and was able to use it :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!


The event clearly says:

“Only 1 character may be chosen per Account for Story Express”.

Only, it should be saying

“Only 1 character may be chosen per Server for Story Express”,

because as it stands, I don’t have a tab to switch to put that Story on a character from the same account but different server.

And just like that, 1 day after posting, I got a pop-up on 2nd roster asking me to pick a character for Story Express!

Still no communication, but I was obviously heard and I thank you for that :slight_smile: