Servermerges Extrarewards

last time as the Server merges every Region benefited from the Extra Rewards, why isn’t that now? :thinking:

because you can play now and euw not. simple.

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Last time NA played too, but got the Extra Rewards too. :slight_smile:

This time they dont.

so why did everyone get compensation last time ( where the only server that was closed much longer was EU Central server) and now its only the merged servers sound a bit unfair i think

it was unfair the last time, get a reward for no loss.
This time it´s fair.


forgot to add also eu central player missed the 14 day reward as many player could not log in on the same day(because people need to sleep and work) and so lost the last day reward

Thats the Point. And a Server which one wasnt down, still get rewards.

i feel that, i was almost get to work at that day. then i read twitter server are up so i boot up my computer to get the login reward. lol

And when NA gets their server merge we will be the only ones to get rewards at that time. In the end people will get 2 reward packs for their 1 server merge, except the people in the first merge.

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Last time every Region had merges, NA SA EUW EUC, so everyone got compensation, I dont get your point to be honest. Why should you get compensation when EUC is up since 4 hours, while EUW still Merging/Maintenance ?

No, Last time NA dont get any of Merges, only EUW, EUC and SA.

wrong last time Na did not merge and the only servre with much longer downtimes was EU C
all other servers where online much faster.
so tell me why was it last time for everyone and now its only for merged one?

so that na dont feel left behind?

Basically it felt like an OOPSIE that everyone got the compensation rewards as it was slated to be only those actually affected by the merges when you read the wording closely. This time they are doing it correctly and giving the rewards to the affected regions which is fair and should of happened the first time. (And I’m an NA player).

NA did not get any merges last time.

good then i hope the next time na gets a merge the dont get a compensation ( as there allready did) or everyone else also gets one.

Well then they were lucky I guess, to celebrate with us.
EUC had longer downtime because they started it last as they said cuz of data sizes, but every region was down for a long time. Dont be that picky, enjoy that we get something at all.

well why shoulden we euc was the only server that was down the full day and had truly any losses due to the merge

you dont get the point here, server merges started for a reason, the main reason dont effect your region half as hard as EUW and SA but anyway, some regions take longer others less and you got compensation. whats the point to discuss anymore.

because why not and i should also add many people and euc could not even get the reward for day 14 as they could not log in on the same day so in the end it was the server with the longest merge got 13 rewards everyone else 14 dosent sound fair( and forgot to add on a day who we got new content)

lol sure, that’s why NA East is down right now