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Hello everyone, I started playing Lost Ark when it was released, on Zinnervale, Central Europe, and I spent quite a lot of hours there like, completing some achievements, getting Twitch drops and buying many crystals and skins from the store. Then I started a new journey on West Europe because Zinnervale had some queueing problems back then and all of my friends left Zinnervale and I followed.
I’ve tried many times to contact Amazon Support to get help for the transfer of Central Europe to West, to no avail and I was told before 10 months that they are working on it.
Today I contacted Amazon Support again and I was told that I might get help here.
Please help me out because I lost everything I did there.

There is no help to get here. The tech is not done and you will get the same reply over and over. Sorry bud.

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You want from EUC to EUW?


Unfortunately not possible yet. Same from EUW to EUC.

:frowning: ( hope it will happen some day!!

alot of streamers talked about this to merge EUW AND EUC to just EU it would be great but i think they doesn’t care about it idk


They have been talking about this for a while now just to deny that they’re even seeing it as an option just yesterday.

I think you gotta stay with EUC then, I’m afraid.

In fact, SA is even worse off than EUW for example with royal crystal prices being ridiculously high, which also means crystalline aura is almost unaffordable in SA because blue crystal prices are almost tripled compared to other regions.

And all they got as response was: “Yeah we’re looking into it… - no updates, but we PROMISE to do something SOON…”

AGS doesn’t care, don’t get any hopes up.

im playing now on west but i have a lot of thinks on central mounts skins pets starter packs twitch drops thats the sad part… anyway i hope one day they can help those who need transfer!

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