Servers Aren't Full Anymore

If you log on the game right now legit none of the servers on US East are busy, and none of them even have a queue time. So why exactly are we limiting servers? I just want a real reason, or a real excuse from someone who can give me a real answer, or a real ETA. Thank you for all your hard work we really do appreciate it as a fanbase, but this wasn’t professionally handled at all and the repercussions on your community is gonna be rough.

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Its to prevent flooding the popular servers. So there wont be 100k queue when you want to join Kadan for example… Not everybody can play video games all the time. And today is the f2p release. Man, i’m not sure if you are trolling or not :slight_smile:


It will be Flooded in a couple of Hours!! after the Hotfix and Free to Play Release.

I mean F2P release is actually in 8 hours. So why wouldn’t they wait until then? This is a legit question. People on here are very strongly opinionated and not willing to look at both perspectives. I’m simply trying to find an answer that can look at both perspectives and not give me a biased or an aggressive answer.
Thank you.

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Thats horrible. The best option was to announce something like this major early on.

There is no need to look at second perspective. I payed 100 EURo for something, its not delivered. Scam. Theft. Easy

We all didn’t expect this from Amazon Games Tbh. I think they where more focus on the Free to Play and Just want make money off people whos willing to pay for founders pack and there game advertisement hype.

Thats true, but its also true that most people play with others in an MMO and they are restricting how people can play together before the game even fully released. So now friends are split and they have to waste their time to regrind content if they want to play with friends :[

Server issues are understandable. So are long queues but locking them down before release and before people get their servers settled is just not smart

You will get another founder pack that you can reedem on another server, if that is what you are worried about.

I too have a friend who will not be able to join on my server. But these restrictions are temporary. Its just to “soft force” people to not all go to the same server and be better spread across other ones.

Yeah to regrind again is a Pain in the A**. Also remember too many people AFK in the Server. Amazon just need to be more Transparent with everything because we players are lost in what the F*ck is Happening.

You have said in other posts that you redeemed the stuff. It was delivered. lol.

I saw someone yesterday, proably a bot, whose character was just running into a wall, probably to prevent AFK from triggering. Its sad that ppl do this :confused:

No i said exactly that i wasnt even able to make character. Nice try.
Some hidden comunity manager ? :wink: great job

LOL. :laughing:

You can make a character, though :slight_smile:

I just made one on a server that isn’t mine. It seems you might be lying.

Yup and thats why i hate people who AFK and Rather give someone the server space who wants to play.

I saw that too, what is wrong with people trying to incite hate when it’s not justified.

Seriously, you’re part of the problem here, I’m sorry to say this. Maybe you should take a walk, go hug a tree or something.

People just can’t see the forest through the trees and any inconvenience in their lives is taken as a personal attack taken out by malicious actors conspiring against them.

No, theres no bot. Its literally in the game, press T and you will start to auto-run, so no there is no botting. It’s simply a function that is IN THE GAME. And obviously people will do this to stay on the server until they get back home from work? i mean its pretty logic to me cause of the queues…

It’s not temporary. Apparently it’s been same on Korean servers. Once locked always locked.

I read on web, can’t confirm