Servers blocked lol

play with friends? what is that? terrible service

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They’re still actively locking servers, even some which were created today seemingly. How are friends meant to be able to play with one another if servers just keep locking? Do groups just have to endlessly keep re-rolling?

I’m not really happy with how it’s going right now :confused:

Same issue, my guild is trying to move to this new fresh game but we are currently all split up and annoyed. Id even suggest they say go to any server for this week then give everyone a server transfer so friends can join each other. atm They are likely to lose alot of players if we have to play solo.

servers transfers are impossible. Already stated.

“impossible” yet the company that programmed the flipping video game found a way. Its 2022 its a feature in 90% of MMOs but because someone who hasn’t even tried said its impossible oh well

Moved to new server… assumed I could play with friends. Its already locked… they cant get in. I already spent crystals and now have to move again?

This is ridiculous.

its impossible cause its not on their power to do. Smilegate didnt add transfers to any servers.

It’s absurd I have 50 hours of play and I have to start from 0