Servers downtime extended again?

The servers will be extended again, for at least 1 more hour and i bet, i hope they give us something juicy or it’s jst gonna be an Aura + 3 days crystalline and battle items chest as usual?

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and 15 pheons total.

i hope we get 15 tbh haha

I bet they try to spin this as theyre fixing the server issues causing disconnects.

Also… why is it always my day off when i need to get shit done when they have these all day maintenance

1 Pheon, 2 Plumes, 3 days crystalline

Imagine they give 100 pheon compensation :joy:

that’s something hard to imagine, remember all that because of 10 pheons :joy:

its 10 Pheons per char. so some people had 200+ pheons from the mails

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