Servers for Indian Player Base

I thought that during the global release India would be one of the first region to get the server but for some reason we are yet to get the game to play in India.

As a player from beta, I played on the EU servers and was very happy that I would be able to play it again but to my utter disappointment I can not play the game also a region lock was also placed which shattered all my hopes.

I request you all to please provide us Indian also with the platform to play the game as I have been anticipating the game for a long time.

AGS doesn’t have the publishing rights for your country

Other games are getting the rights what is the holdback in case of Lost ark

Maybe they don’t care. Maybe they don’t want. Maybe they can’t. Maybe they aren’t allowed to.
Ask AGS/Smilegate lawyers. Here in the forum you will never get the correct answer.