Servers going down earlier caused multiple shop purchases

Steam ID: 76561198141568756
Character: Yunicca
Server: Una - NA East

Hi all,
Earlier when the servers were acting weird with the shop being slow to load and whatnot, I was attempting to buy the “Pheon x30” for 270 crystals. When buying a pack I clicked buy and the lagging shop refused to process my click, so I clicked again. This single extra click caused seven total “Pheon x30” bundles to be purchased, without any confirmation notice. So basically I wasted all of my crystals and have 6 extra Pheon packs sitting in my Product Inventory.
I will not claim the Pheons that in my Product Inventory, if I could get refunded for these that was be nice as this was not on my end.

I’m noticing that you guys are seemingly ignoring this issue as this post has been made showing a compilation of people with the same issue with no answer. Very odd, not a good look.

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Greetings @Wailordio ,

I am really sorry about this issue.

As you mention it seems like a lot players are experiencing this problem, which is why we need to get this situation escalated to the developers so that they can work on a fix soon. In order for you to do that you can file an online ticket or you can contact one of our live channel agents to help you do so. Make sure to provide your character name and sever.

You can do so by using the following link: Contact Us | Amazon Games

Hope I was at least able to set you in the right track!

Good luck in Arkesia! :honeybee:

Sounds about right, love being scammed out of my money!
Really sad to see, definitely going to think twice before ever spending on this game again. Time to post some negative reviews poggers