Servers infinite queues big compensations!

This is amazing, in the three pre-launch days I have been able to play like 3 hours only because of the infinite queues.

I paid 100 euros for nothing.

Please amazon you must fix this asap, and for all the people who paid to play 3 days before the launch, we must get some kind of compensation.

Are all of the EU servers “full”?

When I checked Zinnervale had 20k que some servers you were able to join, but problem is not that all servers are full or not problem is that ppl have collected founder packs on servers which are full and now they cant change servers as they would throw away a lot of money.

exactly this,im no zinnervale with friends,i dont mind to move but they should allow transfer with no loosing progress,i’ve been on queu for 192minutes,cause of a fatal error ocurred on the game,while i was playing

started 3h ago 17k que on Asta still 4k to go, I would move server but I would lose money and all the progress which is stupid

yep,one thing that would fix this,is the afk remover,cause i’ve seem a lot of people afk,for example yesterday i saw a guy standing on the same place for 2 hours,so yeah xD