Servers LATAM en Español (LAN or LAS)

I am sure that a company as large as Amazon will not be that difficult.

In the closed beta there were people who were looking for help in Spanish but received xenophobic responses.

Games like World of Warcraft and League of Legends have separate servers.

I believe they haven’t said anything about servers yet but there’s also the possibility of making a server the choice for LATAM people. Like it happens in FFXIV where a couple of servers are the go to for spanish speakers. Also there’s the possibility to have LATAM guilds I believe. Although it would be nice to have a server

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Seriously ???
I live in Europe in general chat you see people speaking, spanish, french, german, italian, turkish, romanian, swedish etc etc…
Mainly to promote the guilds.
And nobody cares.

What a lack of tolerance that exists on the other side of the world …
Just ignore the comments

And these separate servers will be worth it, since there are few players?
Lost Ark cannot be compared to League of Legends

Unfortunately that is true in brazilian servers, I hope amazon tags some servers as LATAM even if they are hosted in São Paulo, so our spanish speaking friends can have a cleaner experience too

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That only happens in a diversity continent such as Europe but in MURICA the universe speaks english like what happens in hollywood movies with the aliens coming to earth to communicate in english so they have zero tolerance if you speak in another language

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We will have dedicated LATAM servers at launch, they were just not available during the Beta.


Why should be Spanish and not Portuguese Brazil and Spanish? Let’s not be tendentious here.

Normally the game allowed to choose what language UI and VO if were available. for the NA server, all 4 languages will be available to change to your preference.

I don’t believe Brazilians will get VO, but I truly believe after the release of the game, in the following months we will get at least the text localization to Portuguese Brazil.

If people want to be tendentious, I rather prefer to be just Brazilian because the server will be in Sao Paulo.

In the entity world, 450 Millions of people specks Spanish, in Latin America only 121 Million, we Brazilian are 235 Million, only Brazil not counting Portugal and others.

Is better for people to ask for both localization, if will be any.
How Many People Speak Spanish, And Where Is It Spoken? (

That is the exact reaction that makes them want a spanish only server, “we are the majority, so they don’t matter”.
And that isn’t even a problem, it is as easy as making one server for BR and one for the rest of SA

As I can see, aside from the fact that this post is so tendentious, people here don’t even read what I wrote.

I said this game lets people change the language of UI and VoiceOver.
1ST, you don’t ask for just Spanish.
2ND, I said we just hope for both.
3RD, only people just ask for Spanish I hope will be only Brazilian, because even exist the Portuguese Brazil text subtitles, because not officially announced for AGS.

Now, are you saying I create a post asking for just one language, that isn’t spoken in Brazil since the server will be here, 2 to 4 people agreed with only Spanish Language rather hope for both languages, be tendentious to ask just for your language(imagine I create the same post asking Brazilians to do the same only for Portuguese Brazil? I am sure will be more than a 100 people here with +1, not 2 to 4 people), this is in your mind an altruist thing to get what you want? and remember I was hoping for both.

Seriously, I am scared of how you think, think as a Brazilian for a moment, we do not have our language in subtitles, we were the nation who mostly sign the petition to Lost Ark in Latin America, remember, the petition was Latin America, not Brazil, and now, people are asking just Spanish?

If you still think this is fair, please go to a doctor, maybe get something wrong in your mind.

For me, doesn’t matter, because I’ll use the English default subtitles and voice-over, but I can’t stand one side request, we don’t speak Spanish.

The post isn’t asking for localization to stay only for Spanish, you are the one not reading right, they want a SERVER that they can play with people who speak only spanish, because that is exactly what happens when they are in a NA or BR server, they get opressed for speaking their languague in a server that was supposed to be “mixed”

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