Servers - Q times

14k q on Zinn and no option so I have to complain. You really did mess up with server names and not label them with language. Now even if I want to play on a less populated server I really don’t know where I’m going, do I?

You are leaving us without options here. Usually, I would just hop on the less populated server and if it turns out to be crap I can just server hop eventually BUT THIS GAME DOESNT support server transfers.

So it’s either wait or gamble? cmon really, server transfers in 2022 are too hard to implement? At least try and like, I dunno, lie to us that you’re making server transfers your first and utmost priority so i can stay delusional and server hop to a q-less server


Hello, I bought a pack to play game before other people and paid money for it. Now I have 15k people ahead of me for que.

I can not play the game.


Please be sure to check out the server status page, there are servers with less or even no wait.

With the game fully launching on Friday we should expect that all existing servers will be fully populated.

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same old answer.

you mean some people won’t be able to even play?


We are fully prepared to support additional players as they come in.


and my friends scattered all around the world. There are some ppl who play with other ppl too and those other ppl are too stubborn to leave Zinnervale!

Filled with what language ENG? FRA? GER? ITA? ESP?

We should just invent our own European language

Well, yeah, I agree. I sure hope that the decisions about opening new servers has already been made so we don’t have to schedule a committee meeting or wait until Monday to have a solution. Does AGS have a plan in place for Friday’s tsunami of players? Normally this would be a silly question to ask, but I think you get why we’re asking.

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How will said players know they aren’t going in to a server primarly spoken by a language they don’t understand? Given the “supposed” english servers are full with the game not launched yet.

you dont know…thats my point…and you cant server hop/transfer…which is frustrating cause I would gladly just go play on a low q server and then paid the transfer BUT you cant transfter


I am trying to understand, is the issue that you want more language dedicated servers?

Isnt it ironic? We / i paid for the pre-order version just to be able to play it a few days earlier and now we arent able to play :joy:


Why would you need to transfer?

We want to be able to play with friends, and not going into a low pop server with the fear of not understanding a thing of whats going on in the chat,

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Friends. they exist yes

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You could play on a server with no queue, I am trying to understand better why you feel that isn’t possible.

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How can I get my Char von Zinnervale to an other server?

Because founders pack items are server bound


So can we not play with friends who bought founder packs and all current servers will become founders only?

That’s nuts lol. They can’t take their founder benefits to another server and I won’t be able to join them.

Either this is a huge oversight or we’re being baited into buying the packs to play with founder friends.

Please clarify.

Because you let community decide those said servers are for a certain language.