Servers Queue Day and Night (Almost Mon-Sun)

Don’t understand this. I have a weird job where I have to wake up really early PST time (4AM) since I work with colleague on the east coast of Canada. What kills me is that I enjoy waking up a little early and having a coffee and smashing out some of my dailies before work. What is hard to believe is that at 4AM PST there is almost a 3k queue for this game. On the weekend, i thought I would hop on and play with some friends and clear Argos T3 since we saved it for the weekend and there was a 12k server Queue… Servers are always showing “busy” and I think more often then not that I’m sitting here waiting to get into the game then playing it.

is it bots overloading the server?? do people not sleep or not work or something (not trying to be an ass about it but when is the server not slammed). I’m wondering if AGS and Smilegate are going to allow us to transfer to different servers either in the same region or move to another region. I have friends in the East servers and they have never experienced this issue, no matter if its 7-8AM, on a weekend during peek hours, or on a Friday night. Always one click to get into the game. Wait times and queues, laggy servers on west and issues with bots and other performance issues have me thinking to restart in the East (which would suck since I’m at 900+ hours…)

wondering if we could have someone from AGS or SG comment on this. Are you going to allow us to transfer servers within the same region, or maybe eventually let us transfer to another region? Also this begs the question if we would ever have a Mega server that is going to include all NA or east and west?

I am in the same boat that you are in, only difference I work from home and yeah I can play whenever but early morning works for me the best. I have already lost a couple friends to the Queue Boss and it is slowly getting to me as well. I am thinking of restarting on the east as well simply to get out of all the west coast mess. I would hate it but I enjoy the game, before people blast me for not just pulling the trigger and doing it, understand that I do have a lot of time in all these characters. I am all for paid transfer or whatever to move some of my characters off server at least.

Valtan is the worst server in NA west, keep getting more than 9k queue in weekdays during Australia time zone. Smilegate need to do something about server transfer. I don’t mind paying for all my chars out of Valtan server and transfer to NA east servers.

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7:30 AM CST on a Tuesday, and Valtan has a 9k+ queue.

Has any other game ever had such a crippling server overload problem? I can’t remember anything like this.

only other game I could think of that had insane queue times would be New World and again this is another AGS game so… writing might be on the wall on this one…

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Mari has 13K queue sometimes.

It is definitely bots overloading the server. The estimated amount of actual players is maybe somewhere around 100-140k whereas the total amount of players including bots is maybe 400-500k. So you have about 300-360k bots flooding all the servers.

I am sure that eventually they will allow transfer servers to be a thing, but it will take a year or so to implement .

They should just lock all servers down to prevent any new characters/accounts from being created temporarily while dealing out perm bans to bots. This would hurt all new incoming players, but honestly I am assuming there is barely to no incoming new players 3 months into this game with all the issues plaguing it right now.

lol you dont notice the server queues when you quit playing.

Beginning of April, I was discouraged, as I saw the in game market inflating, and bots exploding…again. So i went from playing 4+ hours a night, to about 1.

It didnt take long for that to be ended with consistent 1-2 hour server queues, day or night.
So many bots, that the game became unstable and unplayable.

Countless people voiced the concern, and even gave the solution. IN GAME MODERATION (GM’s)
The official response was lame. So I quit playing.

Valtan came out. I updated, and have logged in twice. First, I bifrosted to vern and atlas to inspect the situation. No change. Logged off.

2nd time, I made it through my mains (deadeye) chaos and guardian before i couldnt anymore. what a miserable class.

maybe ill warm back up to the game, but it feels cold and lifeless. id have a hard time believing even 100k real accounts in NA are active daily…and thats after this BIG update.

Lesson for the future: Dont trickle release content in the west. We have short attention spans.