Servers UP BOYZ!

Go… now, lets DESTROY the servers!!!

Im working cant play. Can I apply for compensation?

Confirmed!!! Servers UP!!!

oh yea!

Lets DESTROYERS rule the WORLD!!!

im still not 1415 insert hapi plox

And girl!

I’m sure there’s at least one

No girls play MMO’s, that is an well known and established fact!!!

Well NA West isn’t up.


:rofl: Yea, Roxx.

Absolutely no girls play video games.

And down again? or did my game crash?

NAW and SA are both still down

I was disconnected too…

can anyone give an update on naw servers… still maint

Lets join the “Compensation!” group and demand Amazon give NA West and SA compensation!

Burn the witches!!!

I’m NA West and just got in

eu still not up

NAW is up bois