Set up your voice chat - Fantastic underused feature

The voice chat feature in Lost Ark is absolutely amazing, I couldn’t believe how high the audio quality was my first time using it. It seems many players are unfamiliar with how voice chat works or is set up, as most of the players I’ve encountered in my groups have needed to set it up at the start of the group; once it’s set up for them though, it’s amazing how well it works.

Do yourself a favor and set your voice chat up, that way when you move on to higher end group content you’ll be able to seamlessly join the chat with no friction.

Great job with the VC in this game Smilegate, hands down the best voice chat system I’ve ever seen in any RPG or MMO.

I will set it up when there actually is content of a difficulty requiring voice communication. ^.^

But isn’t it very common that ingame voice chats are pretty well done nowadays? At least from my recent experiences in various games.

And people still don’t know about x3, they just run to random positions. Can’t expect even 10% of people using voice chat for random group content sadly.

It’s going to take time, and people who know better reiterating and reinforcing these norms to new players.

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Sadly there is no content at the moment that requires use of voice chat, but for the future it definitely will be an useful function

Argos P2 is the first time where voice-chat would be SUPER handy unless you have people that have no problem typing quickly or have text-macros set up.

When i tested it with a friend the quality was good for an in game voice chat but it could be better, league’s of legends voice chat and discord are much better in comparison.

I tried the VOIP with a friend and the audio quality was horrendous? We received static noice kind of sound when both were talking and what not.