Setting player expectations for future patches

This patch will set the tone for what players will expect for the next year while we catch up to Korea. The current state of the patch as we are aware is sending out a strong message that the interests of whales and the most hardcore >1% of the player base will be catered to, and the 99% will be getting sloppy seconds. This does not bode well for many of us.

I turned the game off despite having tons of free time today for the first time since its release. These patch notes are a massive slap in the face and have killed the majority of the fun for me. Much of the time I was spending on the game was in preparation for future content, only to find that I have been gated from that content as a way to reward whales. From what i understand, even in KR argos came along side a honing buff, not to mention there being many more ways to earn mats in t3 via daily and weekly activity. The only reason to release argos in this state is to bait whales.

I am still processing what I think and how I feel about this, but I know for sure I will leave this game for good if this pattern continues in future updates. I am not against a game being extremely grindy, I actually want that out of games, I have invested thousands of hours into games far more grindy that LA, I just also want to feel rewarded for grinding. My impression of the current honing system combined with the current availability of gold and mats acquisition is that most players were really only supposed to go to 1340 in this version of the game. This isn’t just me, since again in KR Argos came along side the honing buff that many of us were expecting to come today. I want to be excited about Lost Ark again, like i had been for the past month, but I just can’t spend my time playing games that aren’t going to respect that time. I hope whoever is making these decisions will reconsider, I know many other players are feeling similarly.


new content drop in lost ark has traditionally always been whale bait. It’s simply how the game feeds off the whales. If you can’t be happy about it, probably better to move on.


this isnt even catered to the most hardcore of players, I dont think there is more than a handful of people that are 1370 that havent swiped atleast 1k. Even if you abused market early and made 500k+ gold you still wouldnt have enough to be able to go from 1340-1370 right now. Its straight up catered to the whales.

But even in KR, the argos drop had accompanied the t3 honing buffs. The reason why it was whale bait was simply because the fights were overtuned, and was like unclearable unless you massively outgeared them. But In that case at least you can clear it with sheer skill if you are a hardcore. This isn’t even the case, we literally cannot do Argos.

All they care for is the money. This is just a huge slap in the face for the f2p players who care to keep up.

I think most f2p players who are frustrated by this suffer because they are drowning in their own unrealistically high expectations.

The only truly f2p model could only be operated by a charity. Any profitable model distinguishes between customers and, for the lack of better wording, other parts of their product or service that we recognize as the f2p portion of the playerbase.

I support giving players additional material via events, or perhaps even honing rate increase up to a certain ilvl. But the frustration will always be there, since the premise of the entire business model is to frustrate you into spending.

Furthermore, if you want to bring KR into this, they were put through a death march last year so the devs could limit test their playerbase to find a balance, in terms of enough difficulty and pacing to incentivize spending, but not too much to cause excessive quitting. We are in queue for the same deal, so “p2w” vibes are very much to be expected, imo.

So my point is to simply drop the entitlement and adjust your mindset, or be perma stuck in problems of your own creation.

you seem to never acknowledge that this is not the way the game released on Korea. Argos was accompanied with honing buffs to get everyone into phase one, along with them already having multiple more sources for mats. I am not f2p just because I’m not whaling money into gold, I bought the 50 dollar founder’s pack because I was under the impression that people who played on KR and RU had access to all content without swiping money into gold. If they release Argus tomorrow without any honing buff or catchup mechanic this will officially be the most pay to win version of Lost Ark ever.

1370 literally only gets you in the door, whales would still have access to phases 2 and 3 early., along with being able to buy very nice gear setups to complete the content more easily. You are the one that seems to have the wrong impression as this decision will be a significant departure from Smilegate’s previous reputation. I am simply giving them feedback on the feedback forum, and I will also give them feedback in the form of taking a break from the game/quitting if they double down on this short sighted decision.

That’s unfortunate. Do you plan on quitting?

or they could just release those nice skins that KR has… all our skins suck compared to KR skins lol.

Argos was orders of magnitude easier to access when it came out in KR.

While I agree there probably is a decent number of veteran players, I dont think global is entirely a New Game Plus version just for veterans. In fact, from the AGS + SG decision to drop the nerf hammer a little while ago, we know “baby” players make up a significant portion of the population, not veterans.

So when you realize that the majority of players are still progressing through T1/T2, it makes little sense to give us the KR treatment like we too had been left out to dry, hanging on the last bits of T2. Now I’m not gonna pretend I was on KR circa argos drop, so take the hanging speculation with a grain of salt, but even when you just look at the age gap of the servers, with KR being the oldest, and global merely 1 month old, it’s not difficult to justify why argos wouldnt need to be rushed. I think you are digging it too deep as a veteran player.

But hey, it’s all guess work right now anyways. Even if they do a naked release, who is to say that they wouldnt implement catch up a few weeks later? No need to take things too seriously.

I also removed the bits about judging your post, that should have been kept private, my apologies mate.

I don’t have high hopes for the pacing of skin release. It looks to me like they are using the same slow feeding strategy as they do with the unreleased classes.

argos didnt come with honing buff in other regions. and the t3 20% honing buff is a stronghold buff that you could already get when you have 1385 character.
and the skins they are releasing is ugly crap. like they have been looking through smilegates catalogue and intentionally decided to first release all ugly skins.