Severe lag, FPS drop, micro stutters starting 3/2/22

Not sure why but i’ve started to experience about 10 fps. Loading up the game takes forever but that’s not NEW new , just a bit longer now. As soon as server screen pops up game slows down A LOT. sometimes even makes rest of my laptop lag.

My laptop:
AMD Ryzen 7 4800H with Radeon Graphics 2.90 GHz
RAM 16.0 GB
Nvidia GTX 1660ti

I’ve tried the following solutions:
Restarting… PC and game.
Changing dx 11 to dx 9
adjusting nvidia settings to optimize performance
adjusting laptop power options to maximize performance
reinstalling GPU driver
reinstalling lost ark
rolling back PC 7 days

nothing has worked so far…


based on some answers from another thread (Low FPS on high end computer - #10 by Jiggy) it seems like quite a few people were able to solve some performance issues by running lost ark as an admin. You can skip the restart by the way - it’s not needed when setting compatibility options.

Did you try running it as admin?

Do all of your fans work?
This could possibly be a heat issue as well. Especially for a laptop.

If you know what you are doing you can check the following path in your registry:


If it only contains the “(Default)” entry, good - leave it like that.
If you have a Lost Ark entry on the right side, make sure Lost Ark is not running, delete that entry and restart Lost Ark to check if it helped.
If you have any other entry on the right side that is not (Default) or Lost Ark, leave it alone or only delete it if you have degraded performance or other issues with the software linked to that entry.

You might have to reboot a couple times if you found Lost Ark in there and removed it.
And if Lost Ark for any reason crashes on your pc, chances are the entry gets created again.
If that’s the case remove it a second time and follow the guide that is linked below on how to disable fth for specific programs only to prevent that.

Link to a more detailed explanation of FTH, but I would advice against disabling it completely or blindly following any steps other than just deleting the fth entry for specific games / software if present.

The fth entries helped me twice already not with Lost Ark as I currently don’t have any issues myself but with other games.
Blade and Soul performance issues on the PC of my friend’s wife and Divison 2 random crashes on my own PC - both solved after clearing the corresponding entries in there.
So I guess it’s worth a look.

Hello @Paneer,

I’m extremely sorry that you’re having issues with performance and lag while playing the game.

Thank you @hunter121 for sharing your valuable information to fix the issue, i would suggest you to try all the troubleshooting steps mentioned and see if it made any difference.

Apart from this, i would also suggest you to try the troubleshooting steps mentioned in the link below -

Troubleshooting Frame Rate and Performance Issues - Support | Amazon Games

If the issue persists, contact us via live medium so it can be escalated to our DEV team, Contact Us

I hope this information was helpful :slight_smile: