Sexism in character creation

Hey guys,

I just started a few days ago with LostArk, the game is great, but something inside me got me pushing to express my thoughts about the sexist character creation the game has.

I decided to create a Mage as my first character, and the character customization is super nice… but while I was playing with the customizer suddenly something hit me…

The game suggest always female characters with huge breasts, high heels, and weak/thin bodies ¡THE PROBLEM I SEE IS THAT YOU CAN’T CHANGE THIS!. And that walk/run style or that innocent child pose…cmon… I’m shocked to see this kind of sexism in 2022 from games/companies promoting this kind of lame stereotype.

I just thought it was very important to give a shout-out to this.
What are your thoughts???


Is this a troll or do people like this actually exist?


Not a troll, just wondering if the community have something to say about that :slight_smile:

This is typical Korean society standards. There are a lot of people doing plastic surgery to be in the beauty standard as it impacts so much your life possibilities (jobs, social life,…). And the sexy/cute pose or dance are part of their culture as well. There’s definitely big issues about it but yeah you can’t do much about it.


Yup, so true.
Thanks for your opinion.

Would have been great with my diversity of body type for all classes. But will probably never happen.


And all the male are hulking warriors with huge muscle and pretty faces, I wanted to play an ugly wimp. This is not acceptable in 2022.

Yeah, it sound dumb, doesn’t it.


An ugly wimp male character with great mage skills would be fun to play and interesting to see!


Yep but this isn’t sword art online. So you can only play barbies and kens.


change game


my sister and I play this and she thinks the style is great. she even tried to create a recreation of tifa. you can find sexism if you see it that way everywhere. the game is from a different culture, their point of view is different from others, specially the “twitter” community, also, you cant blame only female customization if you are not going to do it to male as well. just the irony about that statment. what I trully believe is that the game needs more male versions of the other classes


This game doesn’t hide his sexualization side, both sexes are sexualised and the age rating of the game reflects that.

I’m not interested in the sexualization part but i love the gameplay and content this game has.
If you really REALLY don’t like your character to be hot you can wait a bit and get the first free mokoko skin they’ll release (idk when they’ll release one but those are like… the anti-sexual cosmetics)

haha i am female and i like the game. a part from that the huge censorship from amazon is worse


I prefer this over playing female Relaxo doing Bodyslams

(obv a troll comment)


Dont get me wrong, I did not blame male customization because I only created a female one at this point! Of course the customizer could be better in the male characters.

This is not a radical feminist post, but damn my surprise was that big to even lose my time to register into the official forums and post something about it… I’m sure you get the point :slight_smile:

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If you’re not a troll then don’t play.
The ones that play the game have no problem with this and just because you consider it sexism doesn’t mean it actually is nor does it prompt any reply from anyone.


As I said, don’t get me wrong, I did not blame male customization because I only created a female one at this point! Of course, the customizer could be better in the male characters as well talking about sexism. IT’s always a 2 faces problem.

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my apologize if my comment was too rude. but this kind of opinion is nothing new, specially in this kind of games, or even gatchas, lets not start with genshin or azur lane lol.

we can agree the models for both are over the top, but it doesnt feel like sexism because the game is based more about gameplay, gear system and stuff, you dont get to see your full character unless you zoom it.

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You guys are acting like bunch of kids.

The OP is not complaining about the gender of the character but the fact that this game does not allow female characters to wear anything that is not over-sexualized. Have you seen female martial artists pants? It is literally a g-string.

Honestly, when they introduce Artisan, a female character that looks like 12yo - and you add the over-sexualized costumes - do you guys think this is ‘right’ for western culture? Playing as a child looking character in g-strings?


BUT shE iS noT 12, ShE’S 500 yEars oLd