SG's hate towards deadeye

After over 600 hours in game as a deadeye main, I have a question. Why does SG hate us?

  • Tricked into believing it’s a ranged class > berserker has longer range on attacks
  • Since the range has to be so close to deal damage it must be good damage right? > lowest damage class (excluding paladins and bards)
  • Well since it has to stick that close, it must be somewhat tanky right? > 1 shot or 2 shot from nearly any endgame content

Deadeye is in dire need of a change. Either a buff or an overhaul. SG even acknowledged deadeye is week and refuses to do anything about it.

de no weak just git gud, why u no watch gameplay b4 before choosing class?

I don’t think deadeye is “week” quote on quote. I think deadeye is suboptimal. I still enjoy playing it hence me being upset about this. Besides, deadeye built a reputation within the community in such a way that every party rejects them. That’s why I think it needs a change.

It’s not weak, just hard. If you use it right the damage is fine, but unfortunately you need to work harder than the other classes.

Since mine is an alt, I tried switching to pistoleer, I got to say it’s still fun to play, and life is way easier because you don’t need back attack and can stay mid range, and the damage is very good.