Shadespire Floor 15 bug

Shadespire floor 15 - its the floor with a lot of archers and a mini boss in the middle that goes airborne.
I killed the boss before it went airborne and it didnt count as done.

I would repost this to the bug reporting category if you have yet to do so.

You need to kill all the archers and the boss.

Oh, missed that category, thanks. Btw do u know how can i erase this?

They weren’t shooting at me, don’t know if its bcs i the miniboss was dead or another bug. Anyway since they weren’t shooting at me, it is possible I missed one somewhere in the corner.

Once you hit the boss all the archers will attack you, so be careful not to hit the boss and eliminate all the archers first, then you do the boss. Careful as well because the archer that you hit will start attacking you as well, so kill the ones you hit firtsbbefore moving to the nxt group.

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