Shadespire Tower - Missing rewards - HUGE bug/issue


Last night I was doing the tower and completed floors 1-43 in one run without dieing. While doing the next floor the server went down for maintenance. As such, I did not get to claim any of the rewards at the time.

I assumed I would get the rewards when I logged in after the server came back up. I did not. There is no way to claim them, and the floors are all marked as completed.

As a result of this, I am missing the skill potion/giant heart/masterpiece as well as all the other rewards.

What this means is, as far as I can tell, unless the support team here can help me, my account is essentially bricked?

Because I will never be able to get the skill pot/giant heart etc because the tower rewards on an alt give mats instead.

I saw this thread:

> “Sorry to hear that, unfortunately we won’t be able to add those rewards to your character. We continue to work on the servers stability to prevent further issues.”

Quite frankly I am EXTREMELY confused and bewildered by this response, and do not see how this could be seen as an acceptable response from the dev team.

This is not a case of missing a few silver, or a daily guardian reward. This is permanent items which you can only obtain once per account and are vital to the game itself. Without being able to receive these items your account is permanently crippled.

How can it be acceptable to NOT handle this issue and help players? People with this issue of which it would seem there are a sizeable number already currently have a PERMANENT issue with their account.

After some further research, it seems other people have also been affected by this even if you just disconnect - regardless of if the server goes down.

So anyone at any point could have this issue due to a dc or game crash etc.

Hello @Silentdeathz,

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us, I’m so sorry to hear that you didn’t receive the rewards.

In this case the best thing to do is contacting live support for them to open a ticket and escalate the issue, I understand that you already contacted them, and I want to apologize for the experience you had, please try contacting them again, and if needed you can share this post with them because we do need to open a ticket for this matter.

I hope this helps! :mage:

So is there any news so far? This happened toi me 5 minutes ago. Did lvl 11 to 24 got disconnected within the tower and had to relogg. I did not receive any rewards. If I replay lvl 24 it says that I already received my rewards which I did not.

Char name is Nixxae

Hello @Ashinie

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I’m sorry for the issue on Lost Ark with the missing rewards.

As we will need more information from you, please kindly reach out to our customer service live chat, so we can further help you with this issue.

Thank you very much for your patience.
Have a great week.

@Silentdeathz @Ashinie TL:DR: Check the red mailbox in the city.

I had the same happen to me, going from level 6 to 39. Got disconnected, and when I returned the rewards were not in my inventory like the ones from levels 1 to 5. I complained with support, and returned to the game. I went to the red mailbox in the city the check something, and found the giant heart, potions, chests, etc, all there.