Shadow Ghost Ship needs tuning

T2 Ghost Ship is way too difficult - the boss heals and has too much HP, if you don’t have a good Gunlancer to interrupt the healing skill in your group you can pretty much do yourself a favor and just leave.

Plus after you fail it, you are done for the week ??? - this needs to get fixed as well.

The key to ghost ship is getting your personal Eiberns Wound ghost ship from the unas daily’s and running a Berald Eibern’s Wound Sailor. He gives you a 20 min massive buff making the ghost ship fight a joke.

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Bumping this because I completely agree. Ghostship fight is the most grueling unfun frustrating nonsense.

Your movement is constricted while the Boss has incredibly fast movement and attack speed. You are constantly stun locked by Fear debuff. Then gets 1h killed. Boss has incredibly high HP pool AND regenerates. He frequently uses full-wipe mechanic that hits people even when visuals show that you are not being hit by the beam.

The boss needs SEVERE nerf and scale with the players in-game. It’s unplayable. Devs should play their own game and balance things better. The game says you can play this at ilv960. This is bullshit. I was 1040, had my engravings, stats, and skill runes all optimized, and I am a decent gamer, I can execute mechanics pretty well. There was about 15 people in the beginning, people kept leaving because it was bullshit. Devs, play your own damn game.

This. More people need to get berald at all tiers - you will want it for t3 anyway. It’s especially easy because we’re being flooded with coin selector chests from grand prix.

Problem is the ship isn’t available until you complete the una’s that require you to beat the ghost ship multiple times. You literally HAVE to use una-skip in order to get it. it’s nonsense.

You’re supposed to come with eiberns

I have never failed a ghost ship. Seems fine.

Eibern’s shouldn’t be locked behind beating the Ghost Ship multiple times then. Gimmicks like that shouldn’t exist to begin with, the game just should be playable, that’s it. Shit design is shit design.

I guess this didn’t bother me since we get a good amount of skip tickets per week from event that you can use on really annoying or gated tasks like that.

I agree it’s not super straightforward and without the buff the fight is really annoying.