Shadow Ghost Ship

I just want to say the Shadow Ghost Ship is almost impossible to do. It requires 960 item level i can not do anything with 1080 item level , 100% quality gear/accessories. We did it 2 days in a row but we can not kill him. it’s like there was 30 people but nothing. Berzerk mode = ultimate slow but the boss speed is 200% and only one shot me with 1080 item level.
What the hell did they think its beatable?
I dont think so that 1080 item level cant beat req 960 with 30 people :smiley: that’s a shame. Maybe nerf it or put the hell item level to 1300 minimal.

Killed him on avesta a few days ago without any major problems. Well, other than someone leaving a little early resulting in a large amount of players dieing to dread seas. But other than that, no issues.

berserk time should like doubled or removed, there isnt any mechanic to kill the boss, just to dps, i did it only once time and finished it like with 30 sec left to the berserk. Also feel kinda scammed, when u actually fail, your compas still claim the soul and you cannot re-enter untill weekly reset


it should be removed for this boss because if you leave you have a weekly lockout with no rewards given.


You probably got unlucky and ended up on the “second ship” which doesnt fill the lobby with players.
Ghost ship is absolutely lazy trash as game design. Zero fun. Generic AOE boss but under 70% slows and permanent armor. I hope they get nerfed to hell. Not because I can’t kill them, but because they are trash level content that deserves to be breezed through in 2 mins and forgotten about each week.

Don’t know why everyone is saying he’s hard but I killed him with like 12 other people today and we killed him 6mins before him going berserker but I’m 1344 and don’t know about others

it helps if you get the actual ghostship and the crew member to give you a considerable buff for it

Ilvl is 1053.33 have all movement speed abilities
still impossible. This is not a 960 Ilvl ship.

Ur suppose to get the ghost ship and crew for yourself, once u do, u buy a crewmember that buffs u while ur on the ghost ship, it gives u more damage, Attack speed and movement speed. To unlocked it do an unas task called “Ghost Ship: Eiberns wound”.

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