Shadow hunter demon skin?

Will the new shadow hunter new demon skin be in this patch? I don’t think I see it…Anyone know?

if you dont see it its not in the patch


most definitely not in this patch. and we have no idea when we’ll ever get it tbh… there’s no word regarding it so far.

likely not coming until the other balance changes that came with it also happen (like the huge arti buffs)

i think that should come after the tripod change but possible they do at the same time.

I dunno it’s a cool class themed cosmetic so they might just decide not to add it to our version based on “player feed back” again.

I don’t think they are gonna change it any time soon. Maybe never.

honestly the new demon hunter transformation lacks the demonic/verocious demeanor i enjoy about the current one. the new one just looks like a witch with long nails…no armor or animalistic stance. i think most people just want to see our character model in demon form and also some crazy glowing claws that resemble our +20/+25 weapon glow.

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Just print out a model around the size of your shadowhunter’s demon form currently. Cut it out and then tape it over your demon hunter when the update/patch hits.


I’ve created my own style. If I waiting for new skin …

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