Shadow Hunter Demonic form

well the thing is the new demon form keeps your original character created skin tone and confirmed by KR. I had asked a KR streamer, their demon form currently is the same as ours except for that Black mist shader thing.

to be honest i feel my shadow hunter to be very slow in all movements and abilities when she is demonized i find it kinda hard to believe that its like a nerf or a bug but they should fix both the apearence and the movements

You guys just don’t realize that AGS is a company and are simply looking to make $. Only your wallets and PCs matter. As long as you keep signing in and paying up, why would they care what you say? You say you don’t like x, but you still engage with x so why is there a need to change anything?

I hate this version of SH with a burning passion, but as you can all clearly see, the CMs won’t give the subject the light of day. Piss poor excuse for cms if ever I’ve seen any but also a clear indication of what I’ve said.

You’re basically talking to a trash can that you dropped your wallet into. You won’t get a response, but it’s got your money now.

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I’m actually starting to like this black version of demon form after several days of play…

What do you like about it? You can’t even see it… Admittedly, it’s better than the old one, obviously, but still sub par in comparison to what it should have been.

I think given enough time people just get used to it.

That’s not a good thing… It’s akin to Stockholm syndrome.
Just because you get used to something doesn’t mean it’s good or should be overlooked.

I think it’s their strategy.

There’s no need to think. It’s exactly what they did with the previous version and then they banned people who brought it up until people stopped bringing it up…

I’ve never seen something so disgusting done by a games studio save for Nexon’s fake lootbox % in Maplestory fiasco.

If there was any actual reason for this change to the SH Demonic form, we would have heard something from the cms. They’re just ignoring it because there is no reason for it and nothing they can say…

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I was scrolling through old posts looking for the current SH pic and how this aged well LOL!!

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For those who wants to sign a petition:

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Bump, fix needed. Listen to the community

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Bump, please just release the KR version or atleast give us choice to toggle between the versions. SH players deserved better.


Please note that the Shadowhunter’s Demon form will remain visually different from the version that is present in the Korean game. Due to the range of skin tones available for player characters in our version of the game, the Shadowhunter’s demon form is a dark, shadow-like hue.

We want the korean version asap


This, A S A P

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And turning All white characters BLACK is somehow justifiable in your small head? In case you have not realised hy now, 99% of all players in NA/EU are white people, and the vast majority of the SH characters are also white(big surprise there right?) so NO they don’t represent SHIT. And also guess again, who the hell you think pays AGS here?, EXACTLY WHITE PEOPLE my guy, open your eyes

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Bumpity bump :upside_down_face:

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AGS [Resolved]


Still no response to this?