Shadow Hunter Grind Chain + Controller

When using Grind Chain with the lvl 3 tripod Grind Wheel, the attack is supposed to go out to your cursor.
When used with the controller, the attack only ever goes directly infront of the player. Even though using the right stick moves the cursor, the skills attack never goes to it.
There are several other skills that have this interaction.
I was just wondering if there was any plans to fix or improve this, or if I should just give up trying to use those skills specifically with those certain tripods.
My preferred play style is with the controller, and would like to be able to use these skills in a more precise manor.
Let me know what you think,

All I can say is if you’re playing demonic impulse build in a raid skill setup you don’t need to use grind chain. It’s more of a chaos dungeon skill.
I recommend the following skill set

Rising claw, thrust impact, demonic slash, demonic clone, demonic grip, decimate, howl, and demon vision.

At t3 with high tripod levels and wealth runes you can transform off demon vision, demonic clone and howl alone making the play style a lot faster.

Thanks for the advice XD.
I do run Demonic impulse and a build similar to what you suggested for raiding.
I’ve been playing around with other skills for perfect suppression and pvp.
Im just trying to point out that the skills don’t work as intended with a controller.
I was wondering if they’re aware of it, and if there’s any plans to fix it.