Shadow hunter White hair

Is possible to get shadow hunter hair white like this?
This photo i get in google img


no - they blacked us cause of localization and woke trash


=( white hair looks nice

agree :confused:

They woked and censored our “skin”.

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They change it for a better visual content to not interfere in the game playing for other players and difference between demon form and normal is what they said . For me most no sense reason I ever heard coming in a game that 99% of the time are particles effects of skills insane in middle of any fight . And also usually topics around this are close so bb

Yeah… Censorship was needed because there are no white people or Asians in the west…
-AGS 2022

It was deemed inappropriate in the west for the character to turn white regardless of what skin color the character was.

So the character now turns black regardless of what skin color the character was.