Shadow PC users can no longer log on

Not actually true, if the service tunnels direct to the server location it can reduce ping time and reduce steps. Always best to check before you buy though as a lot of the time they dont really help.

I’m not sure if you’re familiar with Shadow PC but it’s not a VPN. It’s a cloud PC service. Maybe try googling that before you try to educate me on VPNs, which I know about and use for work on the daily.

I use ShadowPC because I don’t own a gaming PC and the pandemic made it hard to find decently priced hardware. You’re essentially renting a virtual machine in a datacenter. We were affected by Amazon’s VPN ban because the datacenter uses non residential IPs, just like VPNs do. This has nothing to do with trying to improve ping or what not. It simply has to do with having a computer to play games on. Amazon’s lazy action knocked out a bunch of legitimate players who didn’t even violate the ToS.

Don’t do it! Geforce Now is run by Amazon which is the same company that broke Lost Ark for your Shadow PC.

You really want to reward their action by giving them even more money?

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It was a joke, you wouldnt even need to do that. I was being sarcastic lol

Roger that.

Check out: PSA: If you're leaving ShadowPC to join GeForce Now because of the recent VPN ban, DON"T

Shadow PC doesn’t use a VPN, so it does not violate ToS. AGS just needs to fix their VPN ban implementation.

I am not sure how it’s a worse service, at least for playing Lost Ark. I have used both Shadow and GeForce Now.

  1. GeForce Now for $20 offers you a NVIDIA 3080 graphics card, released in 2020. Shadow PC for $30 offers you an NVIDIA 1080 graphics card, released in 2016. I could look up some benchmarks to show you the difference between these two graphics cards, if that isn’t enough to show that GeForce Now offers a significantly superior graphics card, which is the primary thing you are paying for in these services.

  2. GeForce Now latency is significantly lower than Shadow. I’ve never seen latency lower than 12 ms to Shadow PC. GeForce now typically has a latency of 6 ms. GeForce lets you set bandwidth up to 75 mbp/s while Shadow PC lets you set bandwidth of up to 70 mbp/s, so Shadow has no advantage there either.

  3. GeForce Now and Shadow both offer resolution of up to 3840 x 2160 at 60 fps.

  4. The primary advantage of Shadow PC for gaming is that the persistent storage (meager as it may be at 256 GB, enough for 2-3 games) allows you to install add-ons. This is important for games like World of Warcraft, but irrelevant for Lost Ark. The only real effect this has for Lost Ark is that it makes it impossible to save your character presets for creating new character faces.

  5. Shadow has a few features like 4:4:4 color matching and lossless audio that I don’t see on GeForce Now.

So, purely for playing Lost Ark, GeForce now seems cheaper, have much better graphics, and lower latency. Of course, if you want to play other games not on GeForce that are available on Shadow, things might be different, but just for playing Lost ark, GeForce Now seems superior.

I switched to GeForce Now for Lost Ark and will admit that it’s a better overall Lost Ark experience. That said, I main a MacBook Pro and need a service like Shadow for more than just Lost Ark (mostly Diablo II and software testing). Considering I’m now paying for both, I’d rather pay $40 for Shadow than I had pay $20 for GeForce Now, but i’m still very happy to have some option to stream Lost Ark. Aside from the points you mentioned, I’d also mention that Shadow has a much more forgiving inactivity timer, but it takes long to boot up. So, as always, it’s trade-offs all-around.

If ShadowPC isn’t a VPN then Amazon need to fix this. It reeks of skeevy practices trying to force legitimate players into using GeForce NOW.

What I have been told by Shadow PC is that Shadow PC uses computers at a data center, and data center PCs are flagged by some services, such as Lost Ark, as a VPN. But the service itself does not use a VPN to connect to the internet. That said, I don’t think Amazon receives any financial benefit from you using GeForce Now vs. Shadow. I don’t think either service pays games to be on their platform.

Yeah the lack of compatibility sucks. It’s really annoying to have to have multiple streaming services to do the same thing, like play WOW and Diablo and Lost Ark, and I can agree with you there. Supposedly there is a big Shadow announcement on the 18th, so we may finally see some hardware updates.

“have no choice but to use vpn” aka “no choice for breaking rules”

Had you actually read the post before replying, you would have known that Shadow PC isn’t actually using a VPN despite being flagged as one by Lost Ark.

That said, I am satisfied that Lost Ark at least gave us GeForce Now as an option prior to the VPN block preventing access via Shadow and other similar services. For just playing Lost Ark, the service is mostly better anyway.

GeForce Now runs on AWS, so Amazon definitely benefits from you using GeForce Now over ShadowPC, which runs off their own datacenters. I started using Shadow because I didn’t have a gaming PC, but also liked the fact that it’s a full fledged PC over other services that are purely for gaming. Regarding Lost Ark, I had been playing (and paying) it for over two months when this VPN ban took effect. Amazon’s did this to combat bots but ShadowPC users were civilian casualties. No support at all from Amazon to fix the new problem they created. Now a month later, there’s still just as many bots and I still cannot play Lost Ark on a service that I pay $30 a month for.

Either way Amazon gets my money because Lost Ark is published by AGS. I just don’t want to give them even more money and reward their recklessness by subscribing to GeForce Now. I’m sure it’s a great service and as you pointed out, a cheaper and better method to play Lost Ark, but it’s the principle of the matter.

fair enough, i did not know GeForce was on Amazon Web Services.

@Roxx Is anything being done to fix this issue??

Nope. No word or anything for over a month. I’ve moved on to gaming on an actual PC since then.

I wish I could! My actual PC is a potato. I don’t have the money to replace it right now. I’m just really missing playing the game.

Yeah I get it. I happened to be in the position of waiting to get a PC once pandemic supply and prices settled down a bit. I recognize that’s not the case for most as it’s a pretty hefty investment.

I do know there are gaming PC companies that provide financing and if you consider that you’re already paying $30 a month for ShadowPC, maybe that could go towards a PC monthly payment instead?

Then there’s GeForce Now, which for reasons I’ve already stated, that I’m totally against, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. That would be a cheaper alternative to ShadowPC that would allow you to play Lost Ark.

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IDK what changed or when, but on a whim, I logged in from Shadow today, and it worked!