Shadowburst skills

So when playing my Shadowhunter the tool tip for Shadowburst Meter says that Shadowburst skills increase the Meter gain.

Which skills are shadowburst? I can only see skills labeled as:

  • Normal Skills
  • Intrude Skills
  • Demonic Skills (so only in demonic form)

Can someone help me out please? Did AGS fucked up localization and INTRUDE skills are Shadowburst Skills?

Your purple skills give you meter and other skills with the “Encroaching Power” tripod. Having this tripod is a must if you wanna build meter fast. Your awakening “Gate of Eruption” also completely fills up your meter if you’re able to land it for the entire duration.

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Thank you, so it is a botched localization by AGS? They call purple skills INTRUDE skills and refer to them in Shadowburst meter as Shadowburst skills =_=