Shadow_Fox ---> thank you

Clearly doing everything they can to address and reply to everyone that is posting. Be realistic, it is late on a Saturday night and this was something unexpected. Toxicity and harsh words don’t benefit anyone. Please respect the people that are only trying to help us enjoy the game we love…put yourself in their shoes. No one deserves to be disrespected and spoken down to. Thank you for all that you and the team do


CMs are really the MVPs here. A shame every one else running this game are disappointing players though.


That’s the thing though, these things SHOULD be EXPECTED.
Someone decided to shut down the servers and only give the players 15 MINUTES warning, and then they messed up even harder by only giving the players 60 SECONDS.

I agree, they need to have a plan for the unexpected. But there is a way to deliver that message. And the way people communicate through the forums when something goes wrong (generally speaking) is just rude and childish. The bickering will not change anything. I am just happy they are actively improving the game and have people that are working on it at 2am on a Saturday evening. I am happy they have someone responding to our posts at 2am on a Saturday. I can’t say the same for other games I have played. Look, I am not happy either. I just hate to see so much toxicity against someone who is only trying to help.


Thank you so very much, this really means alot to me!


Sure, things breaking is expected but that’s the ‘fun’ in the tech world… it never breaks how you expect. I do apologize I was only able to give everyone 15min and the dev time is apologetic that a mistake was made for the ingame messaging to go out delayed. We’ve already made steps to prevent that in the future and will be meeting again on Monday to adjust our process so this doesnt happen again.


That’s really all I ask… everyone’s feelings are valid. 100%. And I understand the anger, the frustration. I’m a gamer too, heck I love playing Lost Ark and I’m yelling at my PC too. So when things don’t go right, no one is having a good time. All I ask is for people to take just a second and think about what they are saying. If it was a perfect world, I’d give everyone a weeks heads up of downtime and the servers would behave and only break when allowed.


Things breaking can be unexpected.

A decision to only give a 15 minute warning is not unexpected.
Why couldn’t they give a proper 1 hour / 2 hour warning?

Agreed. Props to @Shadow_Fox for handling everything professionally and doing their best to improve a difficult situation.

You people need to stop shitting on the staff here. A majority of them are mods just trying to help. Yeah the devs need to work on the game and fix the bot issues. The bots are going nuts and you can’t even follow the main quest line without seeing like 20-30 of them at a time. They absolutely nuke enemies, especially when they’re in teams, and it’s damn near impossible to kill an enemy that’s part of a quest since the bots are beating you to the punch.

Please please please devs fix the bot issues. I love the game and want to play it as much as I can but at this stage it’s literally unplayable. You can barely move, let alone attack, and I’d like to be able to at least play the game after waiting 15-30 minutes in a queue.

I just want to say that I mean no negativity by this post. I applaud both the devs and the rest of the staff for the hard work they put in. The uprising in bots is a huge issue and a difficult one to handle considering they can just make new accounts after being banned. On top of that, the devs are actively trying to translate the game for the US/EU playerbase. It’s difficult trying to balance new content that has deadlines for a roadmap at the same time as trying to improve the game’s conditions with an issue that progressively keeps getting worse and worse. At this point, I think the playerbase wouldn’t hold it against you guys if you paused the roadmap and obliterated the bots in the game. What good is new content if we can’t even play the game to use it?


@Shadow_Fox thanks for being patience with us and thanks for sticking with us thick and through.

But enough is enough. Its time for you and AGS penalize SmileGate for being incompetant and not offering the service as intended.

Revise the contract with SmileGate and put more power to AGS to manage and intervene in a crisis like this.


You legitimately answered your own question. In any kind of development field, something breaking can be quickly and easily fixed by a simple restart. If something broke and caused massive glitches it could cause more problems for the playerbase. It would suck if the devs let the glitch persist and it ended up causing inventory problems or bugs within the accounts causing false bans wouldn’t it?

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Then can you answer honestly what good does region blocking do when the actual solution is to permaban RMT-ers? 3-days slap on the wrist is not an urban legend that spawned out of nowhere, because it is a fact.

Why is AGS implementing “fixes” which clearly doesn’t affect the bots at all? Do you acknowledge that it affects real players, players who spent on the game, more than bots?

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Have you considered that Fox also only got a 15 minute notice and he posted as soon as he knew that the servers were going down? I don’t know. Again, I am agreeing with you that more of a heads up would be nice. But even with a 1 hour / 2 hour warning… you will then have people coming to the forums and still bashing the process. They will say… this is my only day off. I took Saturday night off to play LA. And you guys are shutting the server down unexpectedly and only gave us a 2 hour warning. My night is now ruined because I planned it expecting to be gaming right now but you only give an hour notice which is hardly enough time for me to do my daily’s and to finish clearing hard mode Valtan that I planned around doing this Saturday night.

That is all from me. I don’t want to go back and forth. I value everyone’s opinions and understand the frustration. The purpose of this post honestly was just to give my thanks to Shadow_Fox and make sure they were aware I am grateful for them and all that they do. Looking forward to better communication etc in the future and everyone learning from their mistakes. No one is perfect.

Cheers all!


You legitimately answered your own question.


In any kind of development field, something breaking can be quickly and easily fixed by a simple restart.

What? No.

If something broke and caused massive glitches it could cause more problems for the playerbase.

Sure? I don’t follow your argument here. What does this have to do with them giving extremely short notice? Mari shop was down, it wasn’t a “massive glitch”, nor does it have the potential to cause an avalanche of bugs??

It would suck if the devs let the glitch persist and it ended up causing inventory problems or bugs within the accounts causing false bans wouldn’t it?

What does this have to do with bans???

the server queues have been all day, going into yesterday so no this is not a problem that has just came up out of the blue

I’m not criticizing her, she has no control.
In fact, she is doing a fantastic job right now.

She is currently representing the company and dev team, so she is expected to address the issues.

You’d be surprised by how easily some things can be fixed by a quick restart.

If the shop was down, what was the reason behind it? If the shop came back up while still experiencing bugs, it could lead to further issues in-game and more angry players.

If there’s any auto-moderation in place for exploits, any bug or glitch on a player’s account could flag them and potentially ban them for having that bug. If there’s an anti-cheat, it can flag players if their game encounters something broken and it messes with their client state.

You have to understand your responses aren’t great.

Asking for feedback on queues when multiple instances of queues and threads on this very forum with countless screeenshots and complaints and here you are telling them you are just getting data for the team because they don’t know.

If you are a gamer who voiced your concerns would you not be a bit peeved at that response?


Server queues have been an issue for weeks. It’s an issue with bots flooding everything and lagging the servers.

I think my account is somehow white listed. I had server queues in the past. But I play on Azena… i play A LOT (over 1100 hours). Nothing used to make me more upset than the server queue. But i have not had one in about 2 months now despite seeing posts about queues on the forums… but i definitely feel your pain there. That made me more frustrated than anything!