Shadow_Fox ---> thank you

Fair enough, I agree that a lot of these are sensitive topics. As their job though, I still think they should be able to find a balance between what can and can’t be said on these forums. Remaining radio silent however, only contributes to these problems in the long run. It says something about the communication between the CMs and the companies.

shadowfox and roxx been doing really well as cms, it’s a shame everyone actually making decisions and stuff above them has no idea what they’re doing.

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Ya, it’s bad. They don’t have anything to tell us and if they placate then people get mad about that too. It’s annoying but also not their fault. It’s on SG and AGS higher ups. The bottom of the totem pole are the CMs and they are told shit last. Shit rolls downhill, yadda yadda.

Must be nice for two companies to have handy CM shields to take the brunt of the frustrations. c:

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It is tough but I know from my past experiences handling work like that is just part of the deal.

If you ask your boss if you are allowed to respond or if there is anything you can put out on a certain topic because the forums are blowing up and he says, “Not right now” or something a long those lines… idk what we can expect them to do.

If they act on their own the company doesn’t like it, if they listen to their leadership the community is more upset about getting blown off. Not a fun spot to be in, but one of the groups pays them directly and can replace them if needed.


You said this so much better than myself. This is everything i was trying to say when i created this post. Nailed it. Thank you!

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Kudos to our CM’s because they need to pass down our feedbacks like how bad the servers are hit with queues or how may bots are running around or…some other trivial things because “the team” dont have the option to monitor that simple thing .

Doing a double job for no reason is juts a waste of time = money …

You’re a clown if you think that CM post is anything but a PR stunt. Absolutely nothing will be done with collected info.

But that on a side, don’t you think it’s embarrassing that they have to ask players these questions? How little info they have if they can’t see a queue time??


And thanks for the arbitrary 2 week ban a few months back. It definitely helped the game

A lot of the players need to give it a rest. The CM’s can only share what they have been told.

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It’d be nice if ppl beyond the CM’s worked on the weekends and if the monkeys working on the botting/rmt problem actually did their jobs with lasting things instead of a putting a band-aid on a broken bone. The incompetence of AGS/SG at this point is embarrassing. Just like this post. This is the CM’s jobs and they are being sent out to get mauled because the actual team that does something does the opposite of what players are demanding.

An actual wholesome and very thoughtful post. We take pretty much everything for granted in the forums and whenever we post. It’s good to see a positive thread among all the other threads in the Lost Ark forums.


It’s literally their job lmao

Sure I would, but I’d also be happy that someone who can talk to the devs is aware of an issue, asking for input/feedback, and trying to prioritize things so fixes can be pushed out as fast as they can.

Oh no… my secret is out.

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I would be happy knowing that the devs are being informed of issues.

The problem most people have, though, is that the information you asked for is information the devs should have readily available to them through the server logs. (How long the queues are, for example)

As such, a lot of people feel that you are asking simply for the sake of asking, not because you actually need us to give you that information. That’s where most displeasure is coming from, I believe.

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People arent upset with the CMs, people are upset that the wealthiest corporation on earth, you know the guy that has so much fkng money he builds penis shaped rockets in his free time, ya them, cant afford staff for weekends.

The world does not stop at 4pm Friday, MANY of us work weekends, this notion that AGS can continue to run MMORPGS with ZERO in game support is sickening, still no GMs, no customer support, automated bans, the same crap we dealt with in New World.

Except all that goes out the window when we have you telling us “we’re listening” only to have class release schedule forcefully drip fed when nobody wants that, honing stronghold buffs delayed despite the raid they’re meant to come with releasing just fine, South Vern story and south Vern actual content (field boss, chaos dungeon, chaos gate) releasing separately to slow down content, skins still being drip fed with the worst ones first / now a loot box instead of just a popular set for once, and a thousand other examples of ways we’re not listened to.

If the cash shop is down, the team listens. If players are pissed, y’all do what you want and say suck it up buttercup and pay up

I’m not sure how it happened in other regions, but at least in the original korean, South Vern released one month before the content

They are not helping us to enjoy the game, they are making game more insufferable so that we swipe more.

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I’m now getting the EAC offline after doing the numerous steps of fixing it. This just started to occur for me after the maintenance on Sunday 6/12.

Edit: East/Azena