Shadowhunter Demon Form Appearance

Man i really dislike how our version of the Demon form as shadowhunter looks like. Instead of implementing a system where the character keeps their skintone when changing form we just become a black shadow running around so noone can see their skintone. Thats such a lazy change. The cool demon look kr and ru has was the reason i wanted to play the class and now it looks so bad in my opinion :frowning:

Edit: I am purely talking about the black mist aura and the skin turning literally black as the night.


there has been a lot of topics about this hoping either they revert, or improve on the change of their original reason for visual clarity, when it is not visual clarity lol. :rofl:


Give us female demon, we’re playing a female class why do we turn male. GIVE US BOOBAS


wait is this really a thing ? i main SH and never realized you changed gender when you go demon form lmao

Sorry english is not my first language. I was talking about the black effect that makes it really hard to see how your character looks like in demon form.

Pretty much every single morph in the game makes you a male, whether thats the quest solo dungeons like in feiton where you become a sacria priest or other disguises

This thread isnt about male or female. Its about the black tint/aura our character has when a shadowhunter turns into demonic form. This wasnt in beta and it also isnt present in kr and ru versions.


Turn particles off

Turning particles off will make my character white again and will make the weird black shadow aura dissapear? Dont know if you are trolling or giving actual answers…

Im not entirely sure as im away from my house atm but it should as auras are essentially particles

You know that the fella reffers to character skin going pitch black when you morph which is way different of KR and RU versions

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Yeah but i would not hate it too much if it were only the skin colour . The weird aura effect also makes it really hard to see the cool armor, face and pretty much everything about the character :frowning:

Tbf it kinda hurts lore wise since SH is basicly a delain


Sorry I understand now, I have dyslexia so this was hard to read. I thought you meant aura in which disabling particles should get rid of them.

However skin tone, theres nothing you can do to make it white unless ags gives us an option/female demonic form model

  • the argument about visual clarity is kinda a load of bs since you really can’t see shit when she morphs

DH blackwashing. I already cancelled netflix. Why do you do this to me

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Yea you can’t see shit when she morphs, so why do people keep complaining? I really don’t get this complaint, i don’t notice what my character looks like DURING combat.

It was a stupid change yes, but its also a non issue.

Smilegate talked about maybe adding customisation options to shadowhunter demon form in future, maybe that will solve the problems.

doesn’t matter, you don’t pay attention to it anyway when you’re using it.

You got the answear right here,
In case you need it explained, in KR/RU she looks like a Feiton delain, pale white skin white hair etc, she was changed for pretty much 0 reason and it looks ugly(of course that’s subjective but that’s the general opinion)

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Its “westernisation” randomly making some npcs black, censorship, all this random rubbish no one asked for, focus making the game better instead of changing such menial things

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