Shadowhunter demon form have a different color


I want to know if this is normal or devs are going to fix this.

If you see the demon form of the Shadowhunter have completely different color from the KR and RU versions which looks like this:


It looks cool i cannot deny that, but is not the real version of the demon form.

I saw a post of this in the class section but I think any moderator check that section of the forum.

So If any mod can escalate this to the devs that would be awesome.


A that moderator can check this?

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Still waiting for an answer ._.

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Greetings @Lalokx

Thank you very much for bringing your current issue to our attention and I do apologize about the unexpected experience you had within your play-through.

I’m shadowhunter main, I understand all her skills and stuff. Alright, this is quite interesting because there’s a notable difference between skins / aspects.

I do appreciate the screenshots provided. I would like to mention that unlike slight changes of the KA version with the several skins, weapons, places and all that in-game stuff, ours it is separate IP and despite the fact they’re over 2 years ahead,

Patience is a virtue, regards,

:spades: JWarlock :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:

Thank you for the answer but could you pls clarify if this is intended or a bug and if it is subjected to change in the future since the color sceme was the original one with white hair in the beta.
Thank you for your time.


The withe hair version from KR and RU is not a skin or something like that, I understand what are you saying but that’s not the reason of why is the demon form here different from the original version.

As @shiki91 on the beta version the white version was there. So is looks more than a bug than something related with the NA/EU version.


Thank you very much adventures for the time taken!

I’m going to rise rising a ticket and I’ll include all the info you’ve provided with the intention to see if that demon tone is a bug or just the game was chapped / designed that way in for this marked version.

I’ll keep an eye here and as soon as I hear from our dev team I will let you know!

best regards,

:spades: JWarlock :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:


do you have any updates on this?
I am quite curious about this.

@JWarlock any update? or this is the answer of we are going to tell him this just to calm him down but not a real solution.

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Still waiting on that answer

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@JWarlock Any update?

still waiting on the mod update

honestly i prefer the shadowy version; i think turning blueblack makes much more sense than turning into a specific human skin tone (and is the best catch all solution sans a rework to make demon form more reflective of customisation options)… but i really want a solid stance on whether its a bug or not because this affects character creation

3day bump

Hi, is there any update about this?

I think that “ticket” was just to shut us up and never did anything about it…

Hi! No news about this? @JWarlock


@JWarlock more than 20 days and still waiting an answer


Bump. I would like to know why my shadowhunter looks like it just got done cleaning a dirty chimney.

Unedited KR Demonic Form > Victorian Era Chimney Sweeper

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bumping this post more

it was intentional guys because they censored a lot of shit at release but hopefully they change it