Shadowhunter demon form

Now that you guys said that you are trying to listen your player base, can we finally have the Korean demon from of Shadowhunter instead of this dark version that you have given us for some reason? At the time you said that the reason was because our version didn’t have the same range of skin colors but honestly that sounded like an excuse. This is an old topic but I’m sure many of us who play Shadowhunter would be happy to have the same version as Korea. Right now It doesn’t even make sense to take a picture of your character when it’s transformed because you can barely see its face.

I just wish you would listen to us.


truuuuuuuu TELL EM

don’t be racist. play your black demon and like it.

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No. Instead have them ask the Dev Team to well… develop the function of making it match the skin color of the created characters model. The entire issue with it goes away if it was developed like this in the first place.


tru af but i doubt they care enough to do that

If they don’t care enough to do that then we probably won’t get the original model either.

prob also tru

I just hope that we get a new class soon so I can boost another character and knock SH out of my top 6.

No, because why would development allocate any time to fixing such an arbitrary issue when we already know that the transform class models are being reworked for customization in transformed state.

Do you understand the logic?

Something is already in the works to change this. Why would they spend any time going back and patching an old model?

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oh goody, another thread.

cant wait to see @Subdriver and @Celin mald over this one :face_holding_back_tears:

where you guys at? lacking a little on the forum trolling these days huh?


Dunno, i like the one we have, dont want the beauty model from korea

nice to have but wont make it better in terms of dps

Dont be racist. let me play what i want and like it


Its so weird when some rando pings you and you wonder who in the world that person is. Who are you and what are you rambling about?

Heard about that even before the first rework. Got a source?





FACTS. There’s rarely any dark skin SH pictures online that is good cause can’t see shiit and no one wants to show it off lmao


I just want my SH to look like the KR ones. Is that too much to ask?

Feeling like a second class Lost Ark citizen feelsbadman.

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Still waiting on that Sauce.

I think it was said in KR summer LAO ON or something. I remember them touching on it very briefly during one of the community shows.

Ofc we probably wont ever get this feature cos AGS loves to blackface whatever they can whenever they can