Shadowhunter demon mod looking different

Demon mod supposed to look like this and i’ve seen it many times on other servers and played with it in alpha and beta as well


but in game it looks like this

After all this time it feels so weird and can’t get used to it. Is this a bug? If not will we be able to customize it?


I hope its a bug. It looks like missing textures. I cant imagine someone actually changed it to this version on purpose.


I’m having the same problem, it looks like the textures aren’t loading properly.

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@Roxx Can you tell us if this is intended or a bug? I hope it’s just a bug. Please let it be a bug!


There are SO MANY visual bugs in game and they seem to not care at all. Try gunslinger, you will hate Lost ark. From pixelled Grenada smoke to pixelled particle disappearing effect on many skills.

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are they gonna fix this crap already? pretty please? i am sick to play with this kind of shadowhunter

I think they changed it so if your character isn’t white it doesn’t “white wash” you? This is my tinfoil hat on for AGS’s “westernization”. I don’t know if the demon form skin color was based on your characters or not.

my base character is white ofc

I’m talking about the added skin colors AGS had put in. I don’t know how they coded the demon form in other regions. I’m mainly asking cause it could be intentional on Amazon’s part.

i think they did it on purpose yea, because of westernization. Still dont like it, it feels racist to me

Am I the only one who likes this “change”? idk i like the dark look.

Should be an option then, imo. I think the original looks better and the new one looks like you just sprayed the whole thing with charcoal spray paint. To each their own. But a proper answer would be nice.

if they decided to just change it like this, they should let people at least choose, i played alpha and beta test and it was normal like it should be, this is really crap to me

being able to customize demon form would be insanely cool

I think the SG lead said they plan on adding ways to customize your demon form. I don’t remember exactly what he said though.

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