Shadowhunter Demonic Fallen Ruin Cooldowns

After using Fallen Ruin. which seems to have 2 parts, the rise into the air blasting part then the land and blast part, I sometimes get 4 minute cooldowns. But other times I get 2 minutes or 0 minutes and I can re-spam it immediately.

Not sure if this is working as intended or not. But does anyone know WHY i would get those lower cooldowns? Was dondering if it had something to do with missing the 2nd part of the animation.

I’m going to see if I can re-create this and record it but in case someone knows I am throwing this out.



Bet that happened in chaos dungeon? Because you get cooldown back everytime you kill a boss mob

Also when you break the red crystals.

THANK YOU! Was driving me crazy! I wasn’t complaining!

Wish I could craft my own red crystals!


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