Shadowhunter Gauge Meter issue

Hello people, my main character is a demonic shadow hunter with 1348 spec

I have a +20% wealth rune on my demon vision and my encroaching power level of 4
currently, this is the only wealth rune I own. I have 3 levels of encroaching power levels on grasp and 3 levels on thrust impact and I can’t still get full gauge meter with one combo on bosses I still have to cast extra 2-3 skills to turn.
which improvements should I make on my character to fill up my gauge meter in 1 combo in bosses?

Get more Wealth runes, and get Encrouching for your Howl (one of the best builders) Thrust impact tripod does nothing rly.

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Get Wealth runes, don’t be afraid to use 4 if that’s what you need.

How I have them on Demonic alts:

Don’t worry too much about Tripods, you get all the important skills to max on a Demonic as soon as you get to 1415 for ‘free’ anyway.

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how so?

The Tripods?

As Shadowhunters we only ‘need’ 4 Tripods (the Encroaching Power ones and Enh. Release on Clone).

Since we only need 4, you can use the Inventory function to save any random Lv. 4 piece you want and then use the Inventory to put it onto your main gear.

As soon as you get to 1415, just buy the 4 Lv. 4 pieces you need from the market for like 2k gold, save them to your Inventory and then sell them back on the market (provided they have trades left, buy ones that have multiple trades left). You should lose much (less than 1k), if anything at all.

Us Shadowhunters have it easy. <3


Hey 1475 shadowhunter here. You need legendary wealth rune and encroachment on vision and purple wealth rune and encroachment on howl as these two should build up your meter to 75 percent based on your spec. Thrust impact encroachment doesn’t increase meter per level so i would focus on encroachment with grip and clone. I usually need 1 rotation. Remember to land the entirety of your vision and all ticks of your howl

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I have basically the same setup as Kaye.

Leg wealth + high encroachment on vision
Epic wealth + high encroachment on Howl
Blue wealth + high encroachment on grip.

I have encroachment on clone and thrust as well, When I hit all ticks of vision and the howl, I can transform by hitting everything else but thrust. I skip thrust completely.

It’s really important that you hit all ticks of vision though. Try and do it when the boss is locked in a stationary animation, a very predictable pattern, or recovery frames after an attack.

I may mistaking but I think you’re little short on Specialization.
Are you using Specialization boost on your pet?


1500 is not being short.

What’s lacking is Wealth, and tripod, and that’s all

Since 1415 with level 3 on tripods and Legendary, Epic and Rare wealth runes. It’s always taken 1 rotation to get full identity, as others have said though, if you miss an ability you shot yourself in the foot. Which is why it’s still a good idea to get at least lvl 5 CD gems on those abilities.

I grabbed the level 4 tripods the other day and it made no difference for me with 1530 spec, still takes the same amount of abilities.

Please re-read.

Ye, at 1500 you can get away with no wealth runes if you have decent tripods, im at 1506 atm running 3 galewinds and 3 bleeds

Op is at 1350, its a little short

You’re right, i’m sorry, i misunderstood.

the quality on my accessories and especially on my necklace is not perfect I think that’s the reason.

Wait, seriously? You can build full meter in one rotation with 1500+ spec? Sheesh, I didn’t know that.

With lvl 3/4 tripods for gain Yes, atm im 1510 or something spec and getting full gauge if i full hit every spell lvl 4 tripods on laser, roar, grab and the red explosion
Also sry 3 galewinds, 2 bleeds 2 rages

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You can also switch some tripods when you generate enough.

Thrust impact for me is played 3/2/1 because i have enough generation, the generation is a little lower, but it’s faster.