Shadowhunter looks bad this response is unacceptable

i mean if you like goblins its okay if ure level of female desire is female goblins

But is not much entertaiment, if all we see in the last two weeks are just Bump.

At least the “Anti Censorship Faction” bring new ideas, spreadsheet, maths, etc. every time it resurges.

I mean, it kinda runs out of steam, when you ignore the fan demand and give them the finger instead.

I have accepted they don’t care and won’t change anything doesn’t mean I can’t still come on here and hate on their badly designed blob. With how bad the model is it honestly looks like a drunk intern made it in less than 30 minutes.

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Tremendous demand from the 2-3 people that keep these threads alive when us clowns aren’t around to have fun in here.

Says you

Honk honk

How’s that petition going again? Did it ever make it past 400?

Man I don’t even know, maybe

Wonder how the censorship one is going too

At least it helps people feel better about themselves

I think, hell if I know



days without response +1

You do realize that there were quite a lot of people most just gave up after they said “nope not changing anything go eff yourselves” Most people who play shadowhunter dislike the change. Haven’t met many that actually enjoy the new look.

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That’s exactly what should happen. They saw something in the game that made it not fun. They gave their feedback to the developer. The developer has decided that their priorities focused elsewhere regardless of the reasoning. Now it’s back to the player to decide if that thing is gamebreaking or not. If it is, they should probably choose to go play something else until the gamebreaking thing is changed/fixed, but realize that the game is being written by someone else for more people than just this one individual. That they can choose to make the game however they want, and although that disappoints you, its their game to make for all people, not just you.

Then the normal thing is to go play something that let’s you have fun or resolve your feelings about whether that thing is really game breaking or not. If it’s not then you’ve given your feedback. You can even remind them that you’re disatisfied occasionally, especially when they ask for more feedback.

What doesn’t make sense is sitting on the forums not even complaining, but acting like you can demand something be changed lest you try to spam their forums trying to create some kind of bad publicity in a childish rant because you can’t have your way.

See the difference?

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All what ppl can do is get Copium with the future Transformation Skin releases Gold River talked about.


days without response +1

That’s actually not even true btw. Ppl didn’t give up, same for the artist threads in the first few months. They have been bullied off the forums by the mods/cms. It is what it is. There is an entire graveyard of threads requesting for amendments in a peaceful and reasonable way, along with the users who were advocating for them.

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Bullied? I don’t see any CM’s/mods bully anyone. I see them cleaning up obvious rule breaking and personal attacks. When you repeatedly break the rules they will ban you from the forums. That has nothing to do with your message, it has to do with your inability to follow the rules of the forums.

The line is usually when it goes from AGS/SG did something I don’t like to the mods/CM’s are horrible people and are ruining my life. I’m going to be an angry child and spam the forums because then they will have to pay attention to me!

That person then generally comes back under a different sock puppet and spams the forums because clearly a child throwing a tantrum is going to get the attention they are seeking and it does.

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I mean you don’t, realistically. I spent a lot of time near release on the forums and I remember most active posters’ names but I only started seeing yours in like the past 2 months.

So I’m just explaining since you seem to be unaware of how things were actually ran - there were days where any thread even mentioning shadowhunter was insta deleted and their posters banned. They went way harder on that topic than the artist threads.

Yep, unfortunately we cant just have rational, mature adults here.


Yeah I just started visiting 246 days ago and pretty much every day since then. Just a couple months.

Only 1400 posts created, but I’m pretty new around here.

Is it because you only joined a month ago? Oh wait that’s right you got banned and came back on a new account.

Things happen when you’re not around.

As they should be. There are already topics talking about it. Posting new ones on new accounts after you’ve been banned for breaking the rules is going to get them deleted. That’s not silencing your voice that’s telling you to stop breaking the rules. You gave your feedback. Spamming the forums with it over and over again is childish and against the rules.

And I would guess the reason they don’t lock or delete these threads you keep bumping is because they know you’d just do exactly what I described above. Spamming the forums with the same feedback you’ve already given.

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So what? You registered early and visited the forums sometimes? That’s all the more reason you should be aware of the circumstances around this topic, yet you still choose to plead ignorance to support your contrarian takes? Would it hurt every now and then to agree with someone? I mean you would think it would get tiring having disagreement as your only way of interacting with people but I guess we’re all different.