Shadowhunter looks bad this response is unacceptable

haha y’all still talking about this

Ofc we are, and will do so until they actually start to listen to player feedback


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Really you think they will listen to feedback.

Have you seen the trailer they put out yesterday on their twitter? It showed a guy exchanging a world bosses head for loot with an NPC. When has that ever happened in this game?

They can’t even make trailers that show the real lost ark experience and you think they will listen to this forum haha

Ignorance of what exactly? That people conflated a minor change to the skins that was badly implemented into some kind of woke agenda by Amazon to I’m not sure what, something something about race. Half the people claim its forcing black people on them the other half are claiming that they don’t want SH to turn into a white chick. And everyone seems to hate the cockroach pose except maybe the ones that don’t want shadow white boob chick

I agree with people, I did several today if you want to look at my post history. What you want me to do is finally give into this absurd idea that AGS is doing something to hurt you when it never about you and that’s the problem. It’s not about you and never was. It’s about whatever AGS thinks is going to make the game sell better. You’re welcome to disagree with that all you want, but that’s all you get.

I disagree with some of the things they do too. I’m not posting daily saying GIMME WHAT I WANT BECAUSE I DUNNO I’M MORE SPECIAL THAN THAT GUY! Hey! You’re disagreeing with me! You can’t do that. pout Why can’t you just agree with me sometimes?

I understand you’re unhappy with the look of the shadow effect. You’ve stated you case and I agree it looks like total shit and SG should change it. So blame the source of the problem not AGS.

unfortunately yes, I’ve seen the horrid video lmao

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I watched it and i had to check twice to make sure it was the same game lmaoo

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That’s why people gave up because you would post about it and it got deleted and you banned they made it pretty clear they didn’t care how much people disliked it, only other reason it didn’t really get as much traction was because the update that the shadowhunter model got changed was the same update that brought forward the disconnecting issue from just a few players to the majority of the playerbase just that issue alone plus them banning people for posting was enough to drown out the complaints about the way it looked except for like the 5 or so people still mad about it.

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Damn rolled KEK

I mean he’s always just kinda been a little forum troll on here, just comes around to try and piss off people who are already annoyed. Not like what he says really has ever mattered just likes telling people to get a life for having things that annoy them about the game.

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My intent is not to piss anyone off. They get upset because I refuse to buy into their conspiracy theories even when they decide to call me name and I don’t call them names back. Then they change what it is they are arguing about because some new piece of information came to light that validates their belief that Amazon is trying to indoctrinate us into some kind of woke army.

I’ve said from the beginning that if people approached this more sanely and present a dislike of the transformation on a technical or artistic merit that they would get far more traction on change than they will claiming AGS is converting people. You have to convince SG not AGS.

And the only representative you have to SG in any real capacity is through AGS. So I would start by not shitting in the face of the only ones that can help you.

Oh yes, you’ll make them listen by pasting frog holding a torch. Good luck with that.



I just thought this was interaction hilarious


days without response +1

How about this… implement appearance options specifically for transform classes (Shadowhunter/Machinist).

Yes, you can now run around any skin colour you want, if you prefer rainbow, do that. Atleast everyone can get happy with their way and these daily crying threads can finally stop.

afaik I believe there was some plans in KR for this actually. Hopefully in future it gets implemented for real.

here the thing
if I am not mistaken the transformed model is static white (in korea) regardless of the skin tone the player choosed for his character

now here you can choose to have a black skinned character, but a black skin transforming into white is a big no no for AGS, so they asked to change that , now making the transformed model “inherit” the original player choosen skin was most likely abit to much development resources for SG, so they could maybe transform it to that purpelish dark blue delain skin, but that again that skin tone is also selectable via character customization, so thats also “forces” people a skin color they never choose

so the solution was to have a natural “black shadow aura” with no visible generic skin to it, to make it complete natural of skin selection

so the bottom line is: SG wont invest resources into this, and woke AGS will never allow a black skin to transform into white

Complain about Cockroach.
Complain the new model didn’t come soon enough.
Complain about skin color on new model.
Complain you can’t change model whenever you want to.
Complain about not being cockroach.
Complain about being gatekept.

Meanwhile, all the other classes:
Why Grudge so expensive?

I want my cockroach back. :frowning: