Shadowhunter meter

This isn’t a huge issue but it would be nice if there was more information in regards to how much meter you gain with skills. Scrapper shows exact shock value gains which is something that SH is lacking. Some of their skills clearly gain more meter with the number of enemies hit etc but better information would be nice.

It’s not a major issue at all but having the information is better than none.

I dunno numbers, but the best skills generating (with encroachment tripods etc) are:

Demon Vision
Demon Grip
Demonic Clone

Try to use your wealth runes on those skills (IIRC; in that order, I mean the best one in demon vision etc).

Also Full spec. Once you got enough, 3 wealth runes are enough, I mean, if you can transform in one rotation without it.

I know this is NOT exactly what you ask for, but just in case, I hope this helps.

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Yeah, I appreciate the comment for those who might not know how to get their demon form up quickly. I’ve known this for a while not but in the beginning, it was a huge struggle because I knew nothing about wealth runes and tripods lol

Basically, all new players will go through the same struggle trying to play it till they look up guides.

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You can easily tell which skills gain metre if they have “encroaching power” tripods or tripods that say they gain metre.

Yes, but none of them give value information. Everyone operates on average skills it takes to get it up with those tripods and skills.

there are other classes with identity gauge that doesnt say muchc also so yea