Shadowhunter new form

Demons are black, what you crying about?

Demons, sometimes.

But not delians if u read the lore lol.

Allthough black is the wrong word

…so demonic form doesnt mean demon form? Okay.

so demons are afroamericans? holy sheeet xD

…so you must be so smart to say all africans are dark skinned? Hahahahaha. Afroamericans new word?

That’s just a stereotype.
Not all demons are black.

I don’t care what color they are as long as they look cool. And this new shadow hunter looks like dog shit


A white char transforms into a demon form and gets black. Why? Is black evil or what’s the message behind that

Honestly, it’s really just a stereotype.
Not all demons are black. They can be a variety of color. The red color of the skins are enough to imply demon.

This is just either censorship or blatant racism of blackface being the hidden message. The original new transformation is a light skin tone whereas other regions afaik do not have this change whatsoever.

So its a sterotype that africanamericans are dark skinned aswell.

nice bait post