Shadowhunter perfect supression rework

Is there any chance this class gets an update?
Class engraving feels so restrictive regarding the skills and tripods you can use and the damage output is awful still. I had to change my build to DI because even with adecuate gear i couldnt beat Orehas

If it was like reflux sorceress it could be viable at least even if its not the most engaging gameplay.

for perfect suppression to work you need high lvl gems on all skills good tripods and relic set

Not sure why u had problem with PS shadowhunter, its my main and i dont have problem so far with damage, nor clearing content. I played high crit build until i got my gems and 2pc relic set, then i switched to high swiftness version.

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class is fine.

use the maxroll build.
make sure you have wealth runes and it’s doable.

if you don’t like it then the class just wasn’t meant for you and DI is probably a better fit for you.

I play PS main with a high critrate build. The class is absolutely fine. Certainly not a top DPS but also not junk. In addition, you come with a lot of stagger, breakdamage, and a counter with relatively short CD.

If the cooldowns are too long for you or the class feels slow in general, then play on high swiftness and get critrate via engravings.

It’s playable, but not fine tbh.

I also think it should be rework, but i don’t think it’ll come soon.

There is too much requirement to play PS, runes, high tripods, high gems, relic gear, permanant backstab, and even with all this, if someone with the same progression as you is with you, he’ll be higher dps 100%.

We don’t have many choice for spells, the only thing we change is not really game changer, while we have other spells that use Encroachment release, they are not worth at all.
Tried Spinning weapon, it’s the same as using no spell.

Class engraving is… boring ?

Don’t get me wrong, i love the gameplay, my alt is FI Wardancer, so almost the same, but here it’s 5% damage per level, no demon form, better generation, and that’s where it should be reworked.
Either the damage, that are too low, no demon form is cool, but could be something better, and the better generation is necessary so i don’t care.

To resume, i really like how it feels, but it lacks some “unique” feature.
And i’d like a rework to add this unique feature.

I like PS as is, but true is that with similar equipment it deals less damage than other classes.

What inwould like to see is boosting some damage true engraving instead of 20/25/30 it could be 20/30/40.

For PS you ABSOLUTELY 100% must max out your tripods for Cruel Cutter and Demolition AND get at least tripod level 4 for the rest of your damaging skills. This should be pretty easy to attain by buying the +4 pieces and then transferring the rest. After that, you must get a full set of level 7 gems. Without doing this your damage will be very weak.

My prediction is that KR will get the PS rework this November. With the recent changes to Arcana, Destroyer, Summoner etc, there isn’t really a class left that needs a rework as badly as this one. Except maybe Mayhem zerker.

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Exactly, i decided to try a ps sh for my last alt… And to be honest, she 100% feels like my scrapper main who also felt terrible before 1445. Every bit of gear, gem, rune or tripod makes her scale more.

She starts with nothing, she felt really terrible on early t3 stages, but every bit of stat makes her feel better and more competetive. She absolutely needs a certain amount of stats in swiftness and crit to feel good as a back attacking class. She is an absolute latescaling class.

I really can´t wait to get relic gear on her.

As some here say she deals a little less dmg than other classes. I don´t think she needs a rework. Maybe give uns a few % more dmg on non DI skills and i think she is fine.

PS main, 1500 ilvl on Enviska server, swift/crit, 6 pcs entropy. I don’t really have any issues with this class, as well as no issues with MVP. There are just a couple things I wish would get changed.

Demonic Slash - When the skill is used as a head attack, I wish we would dash through the enemy to position our character in the back.

Enchoachment - Skills such as Cruel Cutter, Demolition, and the like. If the skill is activated with the required shadowmeter, it SHOULD NOT consume MP, and just use only shadow meter.

Howl - When using PS engraving, this should have super armor. It’s our main shadow meter generation, when the howl gets interrupted, feels bad, there’s goes our +189% damage modifier on our main DPS skill.

You are sacrificing so much though for not going DI. You are losing lvl 1 super armor when transformed, the free heals you get whenever you transform, extra stagger / weakpoint by cancelling transformation to use human skills, then transform back ASAP (plus the heal), considering later at 1807 (?) spec breakpoint, you can transform with just 2 skills.