Shadowhunter relic set

Hello, which relic set do you use on impulse shadowhunter since guides are listing 2-3 sets owo

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Don’t take this as the gospel but I think you go for Salvation set.

I just know it’s not nightmare cause Demon = no mana use and not entropy because Demon = Hit Master class.

Salvation is what Barrage Artillerist uses for same reason.

I don’t think Hallucination is recommended unless you can get 6 set bonus (I don’t even know if it’s ever recommended tbh)

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Im on impulse, grudge, doll, adrenaline, planning raid captain as 5th

Yea I meant cause 5 of the 6 skills are not positional attacks not the engraving.

Entropy Set is +55% crit dmg on back attack which Demon form doesn’t have.

Salvation is bonus dmg on hit up to 20 stacks

Nightmare is bonus dmg for skills that use. Mana (hence not for demon or barrage arti)

Raid captain is solid too, just make sure you got good move speed for the full benefit.

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Isn’t the demon form enough?

I will be running hallucination set since I am going spec/swift so crit in the set is beneficial.
Salvation is a good set also, but kinda based if you are going spec/crit to benefit overal dmg. So you pick your set ;3
This is how I picked my set with this logic in mind kek

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Pretty sure Hallucination is downright bad until you can make the 6 piece set.

Specifically cause 2 piece has 66% uptime vs the flat damage on Salvation. :3

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I didn’t say i will use until i get 6))
Rushing for parts is not in my prio
I will only rebuild until I have everything ready, engravings, mats etc


Okay sure. Because you made that very clear in your post


I just explained how I picked the set I will run based on my planned build that is all )) if someone wants to rush and get piece by piece thrn it is a different story since yes set bonuses matter

Hallucination with swift spec Neck and going adrenaline x3 or Salvation Crit Spec Neck

Salvation 2 set is best atm for relic gear, but if you want to go the Swift Spec build Hallucination would be the go to for 6 pc. You can choose to craft Hallucination 2 set now or later since you can swap sets anyways… Salvation is best 2 set powerspike though.

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Salvation or Hallucination, Salvation is the better 2 set so likely want to go for it first. For 6 set, either can work.

6 of 6 now. :slight_smile:

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Got 2 salvation, probably will push for 6, might try out hallu later

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Full Hit Master? Noice!


Sure you did, you made clear you were only going to equip relic when you managed to get all 6 in this post :+1:

Muting you now foreverrrrr

No, demon form gives 20% movespeed, you need to get another 20% to reach the cap 40% at which raid captain reach the full potential (+18% DMG)

So procing a rage rune Ig?
Hmm, might go for hit master 5th then

Any source of ms: either go swiftness stat, spirit absorption, rage rune, party buffs from teammates or supps with yearning set.

Otherwise just go Hit master or even better keen blunt if you have decent crit rate.

I’ll go for Hallucination with DI/ADR/KBW/RC/SpA because grudge is expensive af and I already have a stone cut for this build. I’ll probably switch it up later on when jewels prices stabilize.

I currently run a 2/2/2 set Argos/Demon/Salvation, which i think is the best setup atm as a pre Vykas build and will switch it up to Hallucination once i have enough for a full set.

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Alrdy spent a lot on grudge ADR stone :X