Shadowhunter response

Took you one week to come up with “Our version of shadowhunter is different from other regions because reasons”, how about no? we dont want this, nobody want this, give the players the choice.

This shit is worse than blizzard “you think you do but you don’t”


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The only way to show them how mad you are is to quit.


“Due to the range of skin tones available for player characters in our version of the game”
Genuinely asking, what is this suppose to mean? Like there are black and white characters in the KR versions too??


Quit over a colour change? I mean lets not get extreme here lmao.

It’s just stupid, and they dont elaborate further on why they want to keep it different. If it was done in a better way (lets be honest the re-colour looks lazy af), then i doubt people would be that upset.

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The majority of the people complaining are acting like this is game breaking. It’s not that deep.


Unless you main DI Shadowhunter.


Oh you were being sarcastic? haha okey.

Yeah i kinda agree, some reactions are extremely off limit. It’s obviously not a racist move or anything. Probably lazy job done by the people in charge of changing the colours.

I mean the previous model what the same issues, and people still mained it

People create their character because they want them to look a certain way for whatever reason they want. And then AGS comes along and says no your class will look how we want it to look. And then gives the most bland sorry excuse about this skin tone bs.


I would not be surprised, that Artist will release with fckin Sorc model, with some excuse that lolis increase pedo population or some shit…


ppl like me, were hopefull they gonna fix it with new form, and we get what KR got… they didnt


Nah the earlier one was better. Subjective opinion.

Bro… you are literally asking AGS to make it look a certain way :rofl:

I was thinking that recently, AGS will probably give them a different model, either that or artist will probably break hardcore trying to use artist animation on another class’s model.

My main is DI Shadowhunter, the model and animations are a lot better than the previous version.

Ppl screaming on the forums over this are just living memes lets be real. Cant see the character face in a top down game anyway so it being shadowed does not seem to make any difference.


They basically did give the reason in the update, it’s to be “pc”.
“Due to the range of skin tones available”.

A ridiculous one, but it’s probably the most honest they’ve been about anything related to that sort of stuff.

You clearly cant read my comment where i said the transformation model should have the same skin tone as the skin tone you chose in character creation.

Reading clearly isnt your strongest skill.

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It doesn’t really matter why it is there they should at least make the shadow effect look decent.

are they implying here that in KR you cant make dark skinned people? thats BS and how is the the solution to make you so black that you cant even make out anything. the new transformation looks like a silhouette.