Shadowhunter statement is a complete letdown, please talk to us


It’s been a week since we wanted to be acknowledge by one of you about this issue and all the other threads got your attention except for ours. The only thing we’ve got is a statement with no way at all to respond or interact with you what so ever. Multiple threads have come with solution that will make 99% of us happy like using the skin color of the character in human form into demon form, a toggle to the shader or a steam DLC to restore the KR version for those who preffer it to name a few. It’s like talking to a wall. We want to have a discussion about this, but we need you to talk with us for this.


Yes let us have a choice.

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Every class looks the same as in KR except ours. I understand that some may prefer the darker one, but the vast majority of us would prefer the original one. It is unfair that everyone can play and enjoy their class with their original desing and we can’t.

Having the ability to choose would intantly solve the problem for everyone whitout much work to be done.


+1, signed, I’d install a DLC for it in a hearbeat.

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@Community-Team Please just do what @drenalex stated here that would fix everything and you can still have the weird shadowy version in game in case some kotaku writer asks about diversity.

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+1, DLC , all for it

Their statement is not true. It’s some hocus pocus explanation to keep our version dark. When the game graphically bugs sometimes, you can see the KR version of the skin come out. They made a conscious effort to add a layer of black on top of the existing KR skin.

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Why dont they just push out a dlc like korean voice pack, i dont understand what the problem is.

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Garbage company with garbage excuses.
What happened to the “pvp disadvantage” bull that was the first excuse?

Change the transformation to it’s original state as it is on the korean servers. The players are paying money to have their characters look nice and AGs just comes by making it look like a walking piece of charcoal.

I don’t play a Demonic, but this is just upsetting. This company should be held accountable by law for their crimes. But a single line in the ToS and the liability is gone.


Now you see/understand what the cms really are. Just walls with a ban button attached, which automatically activates when you talk negatively about them.
The cms have almost never had a discussion with the community. If you look at all cm responses, it’s just 1 post on any topic with a vague response.


Who cares about their “talk” anyway at this point, all they do is make up excuses and lies. They clearly don’t care about what the players want, and the only thing that can change that is our wallets, that unfortunately many will open regardless of how bad the situation is.

yep this is just sad

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Wonder if they’re giving any thought to this…

I’m just speculating but:

I think they will just ignore this issue and lust let the rage die down. At this point the only thing they can do is fix the shadow filter that flicker sometimes and at best increase visibility by reducing the filter/effects a little bit.

But they will not change it, we are not getting the KR version.

They can’t win. And AGS already proved they will hide, lie and give as little attention as possible about this. If they do anything, even if they revert the change, they risk getting backlash in other fronts.

That’s a wasp nest they don’t want to styr up.

They are so afraid of this issue they didn’t even bother dealing with the lying accusations. Don’t forget that in previous instances when they were accused of lying or misinforming the CMs came rushing to defend themselves.

I already said this before, but what’s sadder to me isn’t even the issue iteself. It’s thinking this is how AGS will deal with issues going foward. And maybe this is how they’ve always been, but now it’s in our faces.

This makes me lose any hope on anything related to the company. If they can’t have an honest chat with the players, won’t improve communication and don’t mind lying their way out of player frustrations then what’s the point?


Which would be extremely disappointing, I’ll emphasize that. The fact they won’t even work with us to allow a choice speaks volumes about their priorities.


Don’t let the rage die down never let them hear the end of it until it’s changed.

It will sadly die down, they know it and that’s why they’re quiet about it. Once people stops talking about it, it means they don’t care anymore, they either leave or forget about the existence of said “problem”.

You say that, but I’m not sure it will…

It will eventually die down. Its not a major issue for most people unless they are shadowhunter mains, which despite being a very popular class, only takes a fraction of the playerbase. So eventually people who have a problem with it will simply give up trying - especially when many people who don’t have these characters as their mains do not care or don’t see it as a big deal.

And besides, feedback is only valuable if it starts affecting revenue. If people are still cashing in, there is no problem

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Yeah this is true, they’ll keep ignoring us until people get tired and move on. People were upset that we got a charcoal cockroach back then but that died down too. AGS has 0 motivation to find a compromise on this issue, their motto is to put in the least amount of time / work / money invested over all else.