Shall we all quit, Game will just be bots left?

This game s 80% bots while real players have to wait 3 hours in que, which does not work for work schedules. Why don’t we all quit so it’s just bots playing with themselves. It’s what the game is already. Since AGS and SG refuse to add 2 Step Authentication to the game which would DESTROY bots and it is not even hard to do, Which means that AGS and SG profit off these bots in some way. If they don’t implement this soon to stop bots game is dead because no one wants to sit in Que for more then 3 hours just to do the same dailies over and over… Fix your game and save it from destruction.


Imagine, all real players left the game - month later the game is still number 1 in Steam charts - unbelievable…


Imagine AGS celebrating 1.5m concurrent players with kakul saydon update where nobody has ever ran new legion raid 2 months in lmao


Today is officially 7 days I’ve tried to log in but am hit with a 10k+ player queue. I try to log in for 30minutes a day to do my dailies, but I don’t even have that amount of time to simply log in. Personally I will be giving up on this game. Goodluck copium addicts, I hope AGS supplies enough copium for y’all to survive.


Sad, just sad. I really like this game but the bot situation is making me sick.

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I still find it amazing
I’ve never seen such a huge bot to real player ratio before and ive played alot of multiplayer games :rofl:


Same here XD

Welp. Today ima bout to buy a new gpu to play vr games. My arms will be sore again when i play beat saber but i like the exercise

Stop exaggerating, you’re being entitled again, it only took me 2 hours queue time today

I think it’s gonna be a doomsday if I must queue in EUW. All server still good and I have never experience the queue.

Well actually if everybody left then bots have no reason to be in the game so they leave aswell.

They’ll just find the next game.


Took a week off due to burn out. Thought last night I would do my dailies. Nope, long a$$ queue. Oh well, I guess it was serendipity. I will just quit.


I haven’t sat in a que for months. Not quitting even if I had a que.

Good luck! Someone else on the forum just reported a queue on NAE.

What do I need luck for?

fixed it for you… :wink:
i think you had a typo

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The last time i saw this many bots in a game was PUBG, its because its just that profitable.

Me and 80% of my guild has quit the game until Bots Ark gets the situation under control. We aren’t holding our breath though and have been getting back into FFXIV.



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