Shall we all quit, Game will just be bots left?

i am done playing, just going to take a chill pill and let this game on its own.

Why would I ever play a game where I need to literally queue to play? Doesnt make sense to me at all.

Tired, defeated and I need to appreciate my time even more.


nah with the damage hacks im pretty sure the bots could easily 1 shot all the legion raids eventually.

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Das Spiel ist ein tolles Spiel, aber aufgrund der Situation mit den Bots ist dieses Spiel ein riesiger Haufen Dreck scheiße geworden

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You can quit, if you like. Feel free. I’m on EUW, the place that the forums told everyone not to go to because it would be underpopulated and not worth being on. We got rewards for joining this server when we came here and we’re the one server in all of EU who have almost no bots, because the people who joined here were casual players who didn’t want to be on busier servers and the whales stayed behind because they wanted high pop. We get into group raids, dungeons etc instantly, no toxicity in chat in most places and we don’t miss any content. From here, there’s not much wrong with the game since we’re casual players and don’t have any FOMO issues. This is why I don’t listen to people in forums when I make my decisions.

Quitting is your choice, of course. Just don’t presume everyone is in your boat, we’re not even on the same ocean.

By the way, 2 SA doesn’t stop bots. Runescape has 2SA and still has plenty of bots running around. The only thing that will work is the way Korea does it which is to force all players to hand over their ID in order to make an account.

That game is actually miles better than Bot Ark. Cringe falls on you buddy.

I’m seriously thinking about it after 800-900 hours in the game. The amount of bots and RMTing in the game is just insane and it has simply ruined the whole macro level economy and lategame playerbase balance completely. We’re way past anything salvageable unless they ban about 800k accounts at some point, which will most likely never happen. So the game will die within the next half a year completely thanks to them being negligent towards the most important thing in the game which is IDing


Amazon doesn’t wanna hurt RMTer’s feelings bro

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yep , EUC is for unemployed basement dweller and EUW is for casual.
at last we don’t have any toxicity/bots in EUW.

if the NA W and E both get locked servers, expect many.
I feel like the problem is centralized around China.
we have a lot of chinese players and a lot of botters too. problem is i don’t think it’s solely “these americans waste every dollar they can on RMT!” but rather we have people that are playing from China and a lot of these people I saw in the past were completely maxed out ilvl wise. they all have some cringe guild name like China Best with a name like JingWeiXu. the tip
off is usually their roster account level is very low like i saw one that roster lvl was 70 with a stronghold at lvl 11. I’m not dumb, i can put it together. funny thing is I brought this up ages ago in game and in forum and got suspended for bringing it up as “hateful speech/conduct.” I feel like this game is getting what it deserves, i’m enjoying just watching it unravel from the bleachers.

also to anyone that truly loves this game, just do yourself a solid and buy a Korean account and play on their servers. this heartache ain’t worth it.

if only we can do a real protest by totally not playing the game for xx amount of time so they really do hear us lol…

But I guess it’s just a dream

I Just hate watching a game I enjoy playing being ruined by bots both gold selling bots and player owned bots

I want to hope that AGS knows how this road goes this isn’t their first rodeo

Without fear of infraction, then the problem will persist
a 3 day vacation is nothing to someone who has used all the ill-gotten gains
Yes they “might” buy the next skin but is 20/30bucks really worth thousands of players leaving, thousands of players that might also buy that skin

legit players are quitting anyway. Soon there will be only bots left & they will leave too, leaving the game with 30k players like NW


Yo check out this RMTer flexing his ilvl to all the legit poor f2p peasants after this weeks reset…

I’ve read from some post that, those involves in rmt were ban plus added negative gold to their account. Could someone confirm it.

What are you talking about we have shitload of bots on EUW, check g2g or other site RMT buyers use and how much gold is available on your server if you don’t believe me.