Shandi Player. Since last reset 5/4-5/5, I'm waiting more than playing

I play on Shandi. Since last maintenance reset, I’ve been experiencing significantly longer load and wait times. I’m sitting watching and waiting on a black screen and loading for a minute or two every time I triport or warp. It doesn’t feel fun to talk to a merchant then triport only to wait 3+ mins for it to load to do the next thing. Doing a set of Lopang Una Tasks and then swapping chars is taking 5mins when it use to be 2mins. It makes me feel like taking a break from this game. Please let me know if this is occurring on other servers.

I am afraid there is a big influx of new players so the servers are unstable. I think they are investigating it internally.

Have you seen a post mentioning it? I haven’t. If you can direct me to that post, that would be wonderful.

Same with Una, 10 years loading screen



Are you on a different server than Shandi?

Thats just 1 dude that’s been botting for months on stream. He still is, still not ban. That post was 16day ago.

This isnt related at all to the issue that is currently happening

GusK is dumb af

I think everything is connected. You just cant see what is going behind the scenes.


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I’d appreciate it if your input is just to name calling to refrain from doing so.

Just tried a boss rush and the blue loading wheel took so long to let me in that the rush was already in progress when it finally let me load in. What a mess.

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The game settings being somehow and sometimes reset after patch… I would check ig settings and also, if you have rtx card or similarly powerfull card, use command “-notexturestreaming” directly in steam LA command line, which will put full load on your card instead of slowing down the load.

nah fam its the whole una server atm. Everyone reporting it on discord

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its on akkan and all servers pretty much. every load action has blue wheel for about 1 -2 mins before actual loading. unplayable in its current state yet again but no bans on bots. im starting to question the level of education any of these devs have as well as the managers who have say in what happens.

I believe the game is run automatically by an AI there is no actual human offering services for this game. Autopilot money generator.

Thank you for letting me know that it’s not just Shandi. I really appreciate it. At least if it’s multiple servers, they’ll get to it faster hopefully.

yea im just being hella salty cause queue times are already up to almost 1k again and the bot stream in north vern is working like usual

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No issues for me at all. Thirain