Shangra Essence of Achievments

If you can’t team up, focus on the repeatable quests as a daily:

My question concerns the “Essences for Achievements”
On Maxroll, these are listed in order of 1 through 10.
I completed them in the exact order, but there seems to be no benefit.
In fact, you may only need to collect 3 at random. It seems to me that when I first landed on this island, a banner popped up 2 or 3 times once I interacted with the essence.

Not sure, maybe I’m missing a detail on this?
Why is there 10 and do they require a specific detail for a special reward?
I did also grab the chest in each location as I went through the process.
I will attempt this cycle again and only interact with the essence…

Curious as to why Maxroll has listed these locations this way, so there must be some type of strategy involved.

you need achievements from them to earn levitate emote and I think it’s order of them in achievements, first 5 for first one and other 5 for second

Oh, so I need the quest chain unlocked prior to collecting the essence.
That makes sense now…