Shangra Grind Nerv for Mount need

It is crazy, this song had a playtime one 13 seconds, you will get 1-2 Drew each song. Also need for example 5000 Songs play: Math says (13sec * 5000 = 65K Seconds / 60 for min = 1083 minutes / 60 for Hour = 18 hours song play! + runway) The Island close on 30 minutes also can get 60-80 Dew’s for an Island also round about 100 Times u need to join the Island (if you can get 1 each day you need 100days).

sry but this needs a chance it’s for Asia grinders fine but not for West!
Causal Games need 6 Months to get this… Less ppl have Motivation for that

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Sry, but i think its fine… even for west! i played many mmos and i have to say this is not even close to some grinds, that i did on the others! there are 2 ppl, that i know, who got the mount… so the grind is ok.

2 people in my guild have it, its a commitment for sure. Personally I’m not too fussed about the mount but yea

Moving this thread from the German to the English Game Feedback category.

Hmm, and yet I got it roughly after 3 weeks grinding …

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Any Time-Lost Protodrake farmers around? :rofl:

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And you used it? Come oon dude. That’s nearly a milion gold in the bank. This mount is like my retirement plan in lost ark. :smiley:


Indeed … I can feel your pain, mate xD

I think I need to invest in this 401C(loud) plan. :joy:

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Some things are worth more than their monetary value :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah. I guess so, if you like it. Gotta admit I am so not a mount Andie. Couldn’t care less what my ride is. Especially with all the cool mounts we got for free. So naturally I would get the money. Haha.

Also I don’t understand what’s the logic behind that. “I don’t want to commit to something, so go ahead and make it less commital”

Do you go to the university and ask them to give you PhD in 1 year because 5 is too long? No, you just don’t get it. It’s the same thing here lmao. If you want something valuable you gotta commit to the work.

Nah, mate. Just hand out everything for free. Because we all know if you get something for free and had no need to work hard for it or something, it gives you a huge boost of enjoyment …

ill up you Ashes of Al’ar

Yep, something like that. Even though this is kinda debatable considering they gave us a few pretty cool mounts for free already. So, tbf this mount is something you are completely okay not having. I for one want to put in the work because the amount of gold you can potentially get from it is insane. Don’t think I can easily earn the same amount with the same amount of daily work.

To be honest, I did not even know you could sell it … but I don’t regret using it

You can cosplay Goku though. Potentially.

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And then there’s Invincible. XD

I would legit hold a cosplay contest for creative stuff like this on NA-West Mari for in-game prizes. Hmmm… something to ponder for a guild-sponsored event.

As of yet it would be hard, since we really don’t have too much customization available. But a bit further down the line it’s a great idea. : )