Shangra island soul

Are there any prerequisites for entering the peach tree where you plant the bud for the island soul? I’ve bought the bud but when I go to where the peach tree is I don’t see any options to enter. I watched a video and there was an option to Resonate by pressing g which allows one to enter, but I do not have that option when I go to the same location.

Sadly, Shangra was like one of the first things I did back in March/April when I stopped playing the game, so I don’t remember it well. But I followed Shangra Island Guide for Lost Ark on - Island Guides this guide at the time and had no problems. I remember doing it early though since it was a pain time wise and important to do.

Solved. You have to complete the main quest before you can resonate. I didn’t notice since one my my alts had a part of the quest so I couldn’t continue it on my main.

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Oh well grats on finally finding out lol